Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 was a good year.  Some favorite moments: We bought a house! Now GA really feels like home. Ian and the kiddos experienced White Sands for the first time, and it was so much fun!  Emma started preschool. and it has been the best daycare she has attended.  She is so eager to learn and share all she knows.  We had a staycation and tried all the cokes of the world.  Max turned 7, and came home with his school picture which made my heart melt.  Ian and I were able to celebrate with Max at his Thanksgiving feast. Max started at my school with me, and I love it so much.  We had a family fun 4th of July. So many good memories!

2017 ended with a family fun filled party with some friends.  Max and I went out and bought goodies for the kids.  Each kiddo got a bag with fun toys.  Max also found online a way to make confetti poppers, so he went around and got the supplies from around the house.  He even sat at the counter and cut up the pieces of paper for confetti.  We also found a recipe for celebration slime, which was so messy to make. 

Our friends brought over a photo booth kit, which was a big hit. 

2018 is here.  I'm so thankful to be starting a new year with my family. 


Life Lately

This has been the best month.  The. Best.  We surprised the kiddos with a trip to Disney World.  The minute we got in the car for our drive, the boys were asking, "Are we almost there?"  We had our nephews and Max with us, and Emma went with our niece and her auntie and uncle.   It was a long drive, and the boys slept most the way, so when we got there at almost midnight they were full of energy, ready to play!   I was ready to sleep.
Day 1 was spent at Magic Kingdom. It was pure magic.  We met Ariel, rode a few rides, had mickey shaped pretzels, and walked a lot.  We stayed at that park for about 5ish hours and then Ian, the kiddos and I left to go back to the house.  We let the kids nap, because they were on the verge of meltdowns.  We had dinner, and then headed back to Epcot.   We rode the Frozen ride, which was by far  my favorite ride.   Then the kiddos met Anna and Elsa.  Day 1 was my favorite day of Disney.  It was a Thursday, and so the parks weren't too crowded.  Friday and Saturday were definitely a lot busier. 
Our first ride was a roller coaster, which we found out Max hates.  He is not fan of the fast, up and down rides.  He likes the slow ride...just like his mama.  It's a Small World was one of our favs. Emma on the other hand loved it.  She went on Splash Mountain with Ian, and loved every minute of it.
Day 2 was spent at Magic Kingdom.  We always had plans to leave early, but it never happened.  Everyone wanted to ride a certain roller coaster ride, which meant the kiddos and I were out.  They were in line for over an hour, and in that hour the kiddos and I rode a Winnie the Pooh ride (super cute), saw a 4d Disney movie (we loved, loved this), and then rode the carousel.  That day we also went to Disney Hollywood Studios.  Max met Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers and he was pretty much in heaven.  He has declared himself to the dark side, and the smile on his face was so big.  Emma met Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins and Jake.  Her fav was Sofia.  She was giddy.  We saw a Frozen sing along, which thought Emma would love, but she didn't seem too impressed with it.  I, however, sang along and loved it. Ha! Max thought it was so boring and was about to fall asleep, but Olaf came out and all was okay in his world. Our night ended with the best ice cream and meeting Mickey and Minnie. 
Day 3 was our last day, and we spent it at Magic Kingdom.  This was by far my most favorite park.  It was decorated for Christmas, and so pretty.  This was also the busiest of days.  So many people.  It was funny to people watch.  It's supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but people were mean, yelling, kids were throwing tantrums, and people were just not happy.  The grownups and some brave kids rode Space Mountain twice.  Ian, the kiddos and I rode the Dumbo ride.   We watched a Christmas parade, and then called it a day. 
We did lots more in those days, but really if I were to type it all out for you, you'd be bored.  I'd say our first Disney trip was a success.  We were total rookies and not planned well at all, but fun was definitely had.  Emma and Max got to experience the magic with their cousins, and they loved it all. 
Ian said Disney is like Vegas.  You can only take it for so many days before you want to go home.  On to some pictures from our trip.  I'm only posting a few, because again...I'd bore you.   
 My heart.  These 3, I love them so.  Plus that castle...I took so many pictures of that castle. 

I loved experiencing Disney with these two.  They would get excited with each new thing they saw.  Max saw the beanstock from this ride, and we had to go take a picture next to it. 

Not the beanstock, but every place at Disney is a great place to take a picture.  This was across from our bathroom break. 

While everyone else rode the rollercoaster, Auntie Nicole found Minnie and Mickey for Max and Emma.

One of my favorites.  The Globetrotters are playing the Washington Generals on tour this season. 

When I decide to stop teaching, I'm going to go back to Disney to take pictures. 

We'll end with our Christmas card for 2017.  I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have an even better new year! I'm looking forward to 2018!


Jack Frost

It snowed more yesterday morning, and the kids wanted to go back out and play the minute they woke up.  We waited until it stopped snowing.  We had a snowball fight.  Emma wanted to have one like on Elf. 

 We made a snowman!  Before we even came outside, Max went around and gathered clothing for the snowman.
Our Steelers snowman.  Did you expect anything else?

 I posted this picture on twitter and sent to the Steelers.  Emma sat by me on the couch and whispers in my ear, "Did Antonio Brown like my picture?"  I told her no, but probably because he hadn't seen it yet.  She let out a sigh and said, "Oh, okay.  Maybe he's at his house. "

These two together was so adorably cute.  Ian had just as much fun as the kiddos did in the snow.
After we played for awhile in the snow, Ian ventured out to the store for some supplies for our snow day.  He wanted this pull apart Christmas tree he saw on facebook.   He also found a drink that he waned to make.  I like blue drinks, so it passed my test.  If you have any festive gatherings to go to or have at your house, I highly recommend both!
Jack Frost Cocktail is not only pretty, but pretty darn tasty.  You can find the recipe here.  We used honey on the rim of the glass rather than corn syrup, because that's what we had in our pantry.  I think we'll be making these a few more times this season!

The Christmas tree pull apart was so good!  Max and Emma even ate it up!  You can find the recipe here.  I also added 7 oz of basil pesto to the cheese mix.  We also topped it with mini pepperoni.  We are having friends over and this is something I will definitely make.  I just need to figure out different shapes to make it into when it's not for Christmas!
Happy Monday friends!  I hope you have a great week!!


Snow Much Fun

Earlier last week Max and I heard on the radio there was a chance of snow.  Of course the minute we heard that we got excited.  He told all his friends at school.  I checked my weather app, and sure enough there was a cute little snowflake on Friday.  Come Friday, and it starts to snow!  Seeing some of my students who haven't seen snow at all or only once before was pretty darn cute.  They were so excited.  My team teacher and I let them run around in it when it first started to snow.  Then we ended up taking them out for recess and letting them play.  It was pretty much the best day ever at school. 
Emma's school closed early, so Ian went for her and they had a daddy/daughter lunch date.  When Max and I got home they ran to the backdoor and started talking about what they wanted to do outside.  Snowball fight, build a snowman, make a snow angel, eat the snow...all the plans were made.
Ian wasn't feeling all that well, so I took the kiddos out to play and keep the house quiet.  It was snowing fluffy flakes, and the kids were in heaven.  The first thing Max did was run and do a cannon ball into the snow, which turned into a snow angel.   Emma followed suit and fell back into the soft snow and made a snow angel, and then she said so cutely, "Help!  I'm stuck!" 

I grew up with snow.  The small town I grew up in got a lot of snow.  So much snow that once when I was little the drifts came up so high on my legs.  I remember crying bloody murder because I was stuck and I needed help.  I think I told my mom to call 911.  I was so serious.  I also lived in CO for 2 years and it snowed there.  I pretty much disliked snow and said I would never live where it snows.  I lived up to that too.  AZ for 9 years snow free.  WA 3 years and I think it snowed 3 times total while we lived there.  Now though when it snows, and I see just how excited Max and Emma get...it's magic.  I get giddy with excitement.  I tell you, kids make everything so much more exciting.

Max and Emma could have stayed outside forever. They ran around and did everything they had planned while inside. 
They both caught snow on their tongues.  Emma would walk around pick up a handful of snow, and say, "Oh yeah, this tastes good."
 Max made a snow sandwich, and let me tell you it looked tasty.

Emma has been wearing that pink beanie all weekend.  Even as I type this, I looked over at her and she's wearing it. 
 Max always has a smile on his face...well unless he's mad.  His smile while outside playing in the snow was even bigger.  The giggles too.  Best. Day. Ever.
While the kiddos were playing, I was following them with my phone taking videos and pictures.  As we were walking around the house I slipped and fell.  It was in slow motion.  I twisted my ankle.  Max and Emma ran to help me up.  So sweet.  My neighbor pushed up her window and asked me if I was okay.  She said, "I saw the whole thing."  So embarrassing. I could have melted into the snow.  I quickly answered her over my shoulder as I hobbled to the front yard. 
The snow continued yesterday morning.  It fell so beautifully and it was so peaceful out.  I couldn't stop watching, taking pictures, and saying, "It's so pretty."  We went back out to play, so you better believe another snow filled post will be coming.
Hope you are having a great weekend friends!


Birthday Fun

December 2, 2017 was a good day.  So good.  Our day started off with stopping at Dunkin Donuts to get my free coffee.  Free coffee taste better than coffee you have to pay for.  With coffees in hand we went to Max's basketball game.  The cuteness never gets old.  Am I going to find it adorably cute when he's a teenager?  The first play for his team, Max got the ball and dribbled it to the basket.  He took a shot, and made it!!  It was so awesome!   If you asked Emma if she had fun, she would tell you no.  She said she was bored the minute she woke up from her nap right before his game.  Emma has been having major tantrums about her clothes.  My daughter hates clothes.  If it were acceptable to go out in public in only her undies, she would be totally fine with that.  It took her all game to make friends with a little girl.  She finally worked up the courage to go say hi with 50 seconds left in the game. 
After the game we went to Avalon and had lunch at Bocado Burger.  I failed to take a picture of my burger, because we were all super hungry.  It was very tasty.  After our stomachs were full, we were ready to go to the Christmas Tree Farm!!
We went to Hunter's Christmas Tree Farm, and I'm pretty certain it was the first of many times we will go back.  When we got out of the car it smelled like Christmas.  We went down to check out the trees you can cut down yourself, which I really wanted to do.  The trees were a different type, and I told Ian there was no way our ornaments would hang on the flimsy branches.

We took a tractor ride around the farm.  It was the bumpiest ride ever.  We were surprised that the selfie turned out, because my arm was moving the whole time.  The houses in this area of GA are beautiful.  Emma was in horse heaven.  So many horses, and she named them all. 
After the tractor ride we walked around looking for our tree.  Max and Emma made a friend named Gemma.  I so love that name.  I liked it for Emma, but it got vetoed.  The kiddos sat around watching what was going on around them.

Ian found the one.  He's really good at finding a good tree.  I think it's his living in AK and getting real trees every year.  I see a tree, and I'm like, "Oh that one is pretty!  No, I like that one!  Oh, now that one is pretty!"  I'd buy all the trees.   While we waited for them to wrap up, of what ever it's called that they do to the tree, the kiddos made ornaments.  They also had hot chocolate, which is always a favorite of theirs to drink.

I made them take so many pictures, and I'm not sorry about it.  This one is my favorite of the day.  The sun was coming through the trees, and rays were hitting them.  My favorite.

Santa is there on Saturdays, but we missed him.  Max and Emma were totally bummed.  They had a cool tractor for the kids to take pictures on.  Max and Emma were determined to start it, and drive off. 

These three...I just love them so much.

After all this excitement, we went home to watch the Dawgs win! Max and Ian made my birthday cake, which is always the no bake cheesecake. We went to dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant.  The night ended with us snuggled on the couch watching Elf.  Max and I fell asleep during the opening scenes. Max put his tooth under his pillow last night, and has yet to see what the tooth fairy left him.  I think he's still scared of the idea of a tooth fairy coming into his room at night. 
The first day of being 35 was full of family fun.  I excited to see what other family fun adventures we'll go on this year.


Life Lately

It was only a week ago that my family left, and it feel much longer.  We miss them.  The first night without them here we were all so bored.  The house was quiet.  The week they were here I didn't take too many pictures.  Here's some of what we did during our Thanksgiving Break.
Ian's work has their Thanksgiving lunch.  We went and Max and Emma were able to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  It was pretty cute.  This Santa was full of jokes.

We even got a family picture, which I love so much!
Max and Emma looking like they love each other.  They do, but they tend to fight more than get along.  I guess that's what brothers and sisters do.

We took my family to see Ian's work, and Ian gave them a tour.  He is full of Globetrotter information.  I think we were all impressed with his knowledge.
We got Max and Emma a table from Pottery Barn Kids on black Friday.  It was on major sale, and I'm so happy that we got it!  They love it! Max is cracking up at himself.  He had goldfish in his mouth and I told him to smile, and he opened his mouth full of chewed up goldfish. 

December 1st means the return of Sparkle!!  They were excited to see him...which turns out she's a girl because she has earrings.  We never noticed them before. We keep calling Sparkle him though. This morning Sparkle is on the mantel and didn't move.  I told Emma it's because her and Max was fighting last night and Sparkle saw it.  I was hoping it was lead them to be nice to each other today.  So far they have gotten into about 34869750 fights over NOTHING.

All week long Max's bottom left tooth has been super wiggly.  He could push it down horizontal with his tongue.  Super gross, and I just wanted to rip it out.  He had no desire to pull it out or lost his tooth.  He said he wouldn't be able to eat food.  What it came down to was that he's nervous about seeing the tooth fairy.  He doesn't want to wake up in the middle of the night and come face to face to the tooth fairy, Sparkle, Santa or the Easter Bunny.  The poor kid.  All this fun, and he's scared.  So sweet and innocent.
Well this morning and 4:00, he came into our room with his tooth in hand!  He was so excited!  I can't believe he has finally lost his first tooth!  My baby...all the tears.

Today is my birthday, and we have a day of fun ahead of us.  Emma is only worried about when she gets to eat cake.  She said, "Oh it's your birthday!  I get to eat cake!"  She wanted it for breakfast, and I meanly said no.  She has asked about 5 times when she can have some cake.   Both her and Max are not happy that I got the no bake cheesecake for my birthday.  They seem to forget that it's my birthday, not theirs. 
Max has his first basketball game.  We are going to a tree farm and chopping down our Christmas tree!!  By we, I totally mean Ian.  Then we will decorate the tree, watch the Georgia hopefully beat Auburn, go to dinner (I get to pick!), and then have a family movie night by the fire side.  I can't decide whether I want to watch Elf or Home Alone.  Oh the decisions!  
35 years ago I caused my Mom a lot of pain.  Thanks for bringing me into the world Mom!
Happy weekend friends!!