Spring Break 2018

Spring break is here, and it has been so much fun!! Friday we left after school and made our way to Destin, FL.  Destin is so beautiful.  My inlaws have an RV and had it parked at the nicest park.  This place had daily activities, a playground, swimming pool with slides, soft served ice cream (a favorite for Max and Emma) and a short walk to the beach.  

Our first morning there the kiddos and I were up early.  We made our way to the beach and we had it to ourselves.  It was peaceful, and one of my favorite moments from our trip. We put our feet into the water and it felt warm.   The sun came up, and Max and Emma played in the water for about 45 minutes.  Just us and the ocean.  

We spent 3 full days there and we were at the beach every day.  The kiddos loved it and I'm certain they could have stayed there all day.  

 Ian told Emma to pose for a picture, and she started doing yoga. 

Then we look over to Max and he was meditating by the water. 

We ventured out into the city to go find food, and find food we did!  We went to Mcguires Irish Pub, and the pretzel was amazingly huge and tasted soooooooooooo good.  Our highlight of the meal. 

We also went to The Track, because what vacation doesn't involve mini golf?  

Max and Ian played in the arcade while Emma rode a few rides. 

This was her favorite.  She drove around about 10 times, because mum mum was chatting with the worker.  We were laughing about it.  Emma stopped driving, because her little foot was tired of pushing the gas.  It was really cute to watch though.

The rest of our spring break will be spent at home.  I'm really excited though, because I get to have lunch with my friend Lloyd today!!  We worked together last year, and now she is at another school.  I miss seeing her face every day at work.  THEN my bestie and her 2 daughters are coming to GA to visit!!  I haven't seen them in 4 years...almost 5! I was pregnant with Emma at the time, so she hasn't met any of them.  I can't wait!!


Life Lately

The month of March was one of ups and downs.   My Grandma passed away.  I was able to go spend a few days with her in NM.  I walked into her room, and I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw me.  She said, "Is this a dream?  Are you really here?"  My godmother was also there, and we all spent the day talking and laughing.  It was one of the best days.   Everything went pretty quickly.  I think that's what makes the situation so hard.  It was unexpected, it happened fast, and I wasn't ready for her to go yet.  I really thought she was going to live to be in her hundreds.   It's hard, because it feels like I just haven't talked to her in awhile, and then I think about calling her....

When I was little I can remember my Grandma planting marigolds in her front yard.  On the day of her funeral, we planted a marigold in her honor.  Now every time I look out the window, I see the bright and lively marigold, and I think of my Grandma.  

Max and Emma are into the baseball and tball season.  We are at the ballpark 4 nights a week, and even though it's a bit exhausting, I love it. 

The Globetrotters were in town, so of course we had to go see them!!  We've been seeing the show the every year since Max was born.  Now that Ian works for them, it makes it even better.  We had such a fun night with friends. 

One of the big things that happened in March was that Emma Girl had Kindergarten Roundup!  She will go to my school next year, and I am sooooo excited!!  She had a great time at school, and talked about it nonstop.

She also had spring pictures..I can't handle the sweetness!! 

We are currently on spring break, which let me tell you took forever to get here.  We started off the beginning of our break in Destin, FL.  I'll be sharing that tomorrow!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!


Life Lately

Here we are almost halfway through February.  Life has been so good.  Minus a few days here where Emma Girl has been sick.  January went by in a blur.  Max and Ian finish their basketball season.  Max played so good, and a game where he was on FIRE!  He scored 10 points that game.  Ian was out of town on business, and was so bummed his missed it.  All in all I would say their season was a great one! Now we are full swing into baseball...for the next 3 months.


At the end of January my school nominates teachers for Teacher of the Year.  I was surprised and so excited to be nominated by a fellow colleague.  It's anonymous, so I don't know who nominated me, but I'm so thankful to her.  After the nomination, everyone votes for their top 3.  On the 26th, I found out that I was a finalist!  A week later I was observed by 8 adults and went through an interview. After that day my team surprised me with an edible bouquet.  To say I work with the best team at my school is an understatement. 

On February 6, 2018 I found out that I had won Teacher of the Year!!  I was a hot mess of tears, and after hugging my principal and assistant principal, I turn around and there was Ian. All the tears.  I pretty much cried all that morning, because I was so happy.  Our admin team really pulled out all the stops for the celebration.  There was a marching band to welcome us, Waffle House catered, after being presented they let us know we had the day off! Then my sweet students came in holding yellow roses and Max was the last one to give me one.  All the tears...again. 

That same day our sweet Emma started tball!  She is the only girl on her team, and her pink glove was a huge hit with the moms! Emma did so great, and I'm so excited to watch her play!

Expect more baseball and tball pictures to fill the blog.  Happy Monday!


Life Lately

Hey guys!  This is coming at ya on snow day 3 for us.  We went to school Tuesday, and students told me it was going to snow.  I told them, "No way!  It's sunny out!"  I checked the weather app to prove my point, and sure enough it said snow later that night.  What the heck?!  Well it snowed, and temps have been below freezing, which turns into 3 days off of school.  I'm not mad about it, because I'll take staying home with Max and Emma any day. 
We attempted to play in the snow... for about 5 minutes!  It was 19 degrees, but with the wind chill it felt like 5 degrees.  So freaking cold. 

A list of snow day activities was emailed to parents to do with your kiddos while at home.  We put salt on ice to see what would happen.  I giggle at this picture, because Max's hair.  I showed him, and he said, "Oh, it looks like I have a horn on the side of my head."

Today's challenge was to read.  The class that has the most tweets wins a popsicle party.  Max chose to read to Emma.  He's so competitive, he wants to win!

 In November, I mentioned how I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism.  Every time I say it, I so feel like I could be a doctor on Grey's Anatomy. (By the way it just came back on last night.  The episode had me crying the entire time.  I just love that show!)  After it happened I took it as a wake up call.  I needed to make a change.  I decided to do Whole30 for the second time.  I started on January 1st.  Day 1 I was pumped and ready to take it on.  Day 2-6 I was ready to punch someone in the face.  Just kidding, but I had the worst headache.  My body was craving sugar and the withdrawals from not having it at all was rough.   Here I am on day 19, and guys I feel so good.  So. Good.  Whole30 may be something you don't get, or decide it's not for you.  I decided it was for me.  I needed to do this, because my body needed a reset.  You can't have alcohol, sugar, dairy, among other stuff.  Friends have told me, "That would be so hard!" I couldn't do it!"  There's a line in a book that I got to help me with the 30 days, and it said, "Cancer is hard."  That struck me, and has stayed with me.  Giving up sugar and my wine was something I could totally do!  Having a blood clot in my lung is hard. Having chest pain to the point where it hurts to move, that's hard.  Not eating cheese on my salad, not hard.

I really feel my mindset this time around is different.  I wanted to make a change. I needed to make a change.  The past couple weeks at work I've had coworkers tell me that I look so happy.  It makes me want to cry thinking about it.  I feel so good, and I guess that's making me smile a whole lot more than I normally did.

The picture on the right is me on NYE. The picture on the left is me today.  Day 19.  I was taking the picture and Max was like, "Umm..what are you doing?"
After day 30 I'm not going to go all bananas and eat all the sugar, cheese and drink all the wine.  I want to keep it up!!  I have friends who are also doing it, and it's nice to have the support. 
Welp, that got all serious for a hot minute.  Happy Friday friends!  Have a great weekend!  


Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 was a good year.  Some favorite moments: We bought a house! Now GA really feels like home. Ian and the kiddos experienced White Sands for the first time, and it was so much fun!  Emma started preschool. and it has been the best daycare she has attended.  She is so eager to learn and share all she knows.  We had a staycation and tried all the cokes of the world.  Max turned 7, and came home with his school picture which made my heart melt.  Ian and I were able to celebrate with Max at his Thanksgiving feast. Max started at my school with me, and I love it so much.  We had a family fun 4th of July. So many good memories!

2017 ended with a family fun filled party with some friends.  Max and I went out and bought goodies for the kids.  Each kiddo got a bag with fun toys.  Max also found online a way to make confetti poppers, so he went around and got the supplies from around the house.  He even sat at the counter and cut up the pieces of paper for confetti.  We also found a recipe for celebration slime, which was so messy to make. 

Our friends brought over a photo booth kit, which was a big hit. 

2018 is here.  I'm so thankful to be starting a new year with my family. 


Life Lately

This has been the best month.  The. Best.  We surprised the kiddos with a trip to Disney World.  The minute we got in the car for our drive, the boys were asking, "Are we almost there?"  We had our nephews and Max with us, and Emma went with our niece and her auntie and uncle.   It was a long drive, and the boys slept most the way, so when we got there at almost midnight they were full of energy, ready to play!   I was ready to sleep.
Day 1 was spent at Magic Kingdom. It was pure magic.  We met Ariel, rode a few rides, had mickey shaped pretzels, and walked a lot.  We stayed at that park for about 5ish hours and then Ian, the kiddos and I left to go back to the house.  We let the kids nap, because they were on the verge of meltdowns.  We had dinner, and then headed back to Epcot.   We rode the Frozen ride, which was by far  my favorite ride.   Then the kiddos met Anna and Elsa.  Day 1 was my favorite day of Disney.  It was a Thursday, and so the parks weren't too crowded.  Friday and Saturday were definitely a lot busier. 
Our first ride was a roller coaster, which we found out Max hates.  He is not fan of the fast, up and down rides.  He likes the slow ride...just like his mama.  It's a Small World was one of our favs. Emma on the other hand loved it.  She went on Splash Mountain with Ian, and loved every minute of it.
Day 2 was spent at Magic Kingdom.  We always had plans to leave early, but it never happened.  Everyone wanted to ride a certain roller coaster ride, which meant the kiddos and I were out.  They were in line for over an hour, and in that hour the kiddos and I rode a Winnie the Pooh ride (super cute), saw a 4d Disney movie (we loved, loved this), and then rode the carousel.  That day we also went to Disney Hollywood Studios.  Max met Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers and he was pretty much in heaven.  He has declared himself to the dark side, and the smile on his face was so big.  Emma met Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins and Jake.  Her fav was Sofia.  She was giddy.  We saw a Frozen sing along, which thought Emma would love, but she didn't seem too impressed with it.  I, however, sang along and loved it. Ha! Max thought it was so boring and was about to fall asleep, but Olaf came out and all was okay in his world. Our night ended with the best ice cream and meeting Mickey and Minnie. 
Day 3 was our last day, and we spent it at Magic Kingdom.  This was by far my most favorite park.  It was decorated for Christmas, and so pretty.  This was also the busiest of days.  So many people.  It was funny to people watch.  It's supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but people were mean, yelling, kids were throwing tantrums, and people were just not happy.  The grownups and some brave kids rode Space Mountain twice.  Ian, the kiddos and I rode the Dumbo ride.   We watched a Christmas parade, and then called it a day. 
We did lots more in those days, but really if I were to type it all out for you, you'd be bored.  I'd say our first Disney trip was a success.  We were total rookies and not planned well at all, but fun was definitely had.  Emma and Max got to experience the magic with their cousins, and they loved it all. 
Ian said Disney is like Vegas.  You can only take it for so many days before you want to go home.  On to some pictures from our trip.  I'm only posting a few, because again...I'd bore you.   
 My heart.  These 3, I love them so.  Plus that castle...I took so many pictures of that castle. 

I loved experiencing Disney with these two.  They would get excited with each new thing they saw.  Max saw the beanstock from this ride, and we had to go take a picture next to it. 

Not the beanstock, but every place at Disney is a great place to take a picture.  This was across from our bathroom break. 

While everyone else rode the rollercoaster, Auntie Nicole found Minnie and Mickey for Max and Emma.

One of my favorites.  The Globetrotters are playing the Washington Generals on tour this season. 

When I decide to stop teaching, I'm going to go back to Disney to take pictures. 

We'll end with our Christmas card for 2017.  I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have an even better new year! I'm looking forward to 2018!