Life Lately

Why does summer go by so fast?  The month of June is coming to an end, and already am a little sad that school will be just around the corner.  I love this time with Max and Emma.  

A little life lately update....

Max has been super busy with baseball.  He has his last tournament this weekend.  It's going to be 90 with humidity of a million percent, so that should be fun.  Summer ball has been a lot of fun though.  The group of kiddos he's playing with are so sweet.  

Emma just had her end of swim team pool party.  Swim team was such a good experience for her.  She is an amazing swimmer, and to see the improvement over the weeks is the best part!!  I also made friends with the moms, so it was a win win all around. 

I started tutoring this summer.  I don't know why I haven't done so sooner.  I have had the best time tutoring.  I love the one on one time with the students, and the amount of work you can get done in an hour.  Both kiddos I'm tutoring are so dang sweet.   I love that I'm not only teaching math, but reading and writing too.  I'm definitely going to continue to tutor.  Maybe not during the school year, but for sure next summer.  

We went to a baseball game on Father's Day, which was a lot of fun.  I'm actually starting to like MLB.  Who am I?

We've also have been frequenting a local frozen custard shop.  It's so ridiculously good.  It reminds me of a place back home. 

When did Max and Emma get so big?  Sometimes I feel like just yesterday they were babies, and here we are with a first grader and 4th grader.  6 and soon to be 9.  Slow down summer.  Slow down time.  I love summer with my babes. .


Mermaid Pool Party

Almost a month later we finally celebrated our girl turning SIX!!  She wanted a mermaid pool party.  Thankfully the weather cooperated with us.  We started off the party with donuts and fruit.  A little sugar high to start the day.  We then made mermaid slime, which turned out to be a big hit.  The other moms were making me nervous with their slime horror stories, but the only mess that happened was when I opened the glitter and it exploded all over my hands and floor.  Other then that, the slime was fun, and all the girls took it home with them!

After the slime I added more sugar to their little selves and we had cupcakes.  Then off to the pool!!!  There they swam their little hearts out.  We served pizza and let me tell you, little girls can eat.

 How cute are these straws?  Target for the win!

When the girls made slime, I had each seat set up for the girls.  They had a mermaid necklace that Emma picked for them, a container for their slime so they could take it home, and little bowls to mix it up in.  The moms laughed and said they could tell I'm a teacher, because it was super organized.  I just can't help it. :)

This girl.  I love her so much.

Her mermaid pool party was a success, and she had so much fun!


Baseball and Swimming

 This past week was a busy one for us.  Max had baseball practice, Emma had swim practice and her very first swim meet, it was National Donut Day and there was a whole lot of rain.

Baseball.  Guys, I love it.  Even when Max doesn't have practice we go to the park to practice just us.  Emma will get in on the fun too and practice her hitting.  I just love the family time together.  I also love that Max and Emma both are learning that they have to work hard to be good at something and put in extra work.

Swimming.  Emma has swim practice every day and it's so fun to see how far she's come as a swimmer.  We had her first meet last week, and I was so nervous for her.  Like really nervous.  It was organized chaos as a few of the moms said.  It truly was, and I think not knowing what to expect made it more nerve wracking for me.  Emma was nervous and I think the waiting between events made her a little more nervous.  

Emma completely rocked it!  She came in 2nd for the freestyle relay.  She came in 3rd for the 25 meter freestyle.  She also placed in the 25 meter backstroke, but we didn't get her ribbon for that event yet.  I'll keep you posted! 

I can't wait to see how she does this week!

Donuts.  Did you have a donut on National Donut Day?  Emma had some at swim team and Max was able to join in on the yummy goodness.  

Kindness.  It really isn't hard to be kind.  It takes more effort to be mean.   At the end of the day if you can say that you were a good human being, you are rocking life my friend.   I never talk religion or politics, because it brings out the mean in people.  I believe you need to treat everyone with kindness.  Who am I to tell someone who to love, what to believe in, what to do with their body?  What I can do is be kind.  BE KIND.  BE. KIND.  

I hope you have a great week friends!  Try being kind to a stranger.  You may just make someone's day. 


Baseball Mom

If you ask me what my least favorite sport to watch on tv and in person, my answer would be baseball.  MLB baseball that is.  Never in a million years did I think I would be a "baseball mom".  Now, I can't imagine not being one. 

Max started playing tball when he was 4.  I can remember the first practice and his excitement for the game.  He was an Alligator, River Dog, Dragon, Red Sox,  Blue Rocks, Red Sox, and now Ocee Orange.   The kid wakes up and is practicing his swing in the playroom.  He plays it when we're at the pool.  His fave video game of the moment is The Show 19.   On YouTube he'll watch baseball videos.  The kid loves baseball.

Emma girl has been there every step of the way.  She played tball for a season, but then didn't want to play anymore.  I think she'll play this fall.  Max has twin girl teammates and I love for Emma to watch them play.  Girl power baby!

Looking back at pictures from when Max first started tball, gives me all the feels.  He and Emma look so tiny! 

I die with these pictures. 

I never thought I would ever say I love baseball, but I love watching Max and Emma play baseball. 


Family Road Trip (Part 4)

Our final stop on our road trip was Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA.   On Monday they offer free tractor rides, so we got a tour of the grounds.  So. Pretty.

Their market is adorable, and we wanted to buy all the things.  We left with apple cider, apple cider donuts, pickles, fresh strawberries, and some jam.  They have taste testing of wines and hard ciders.  I think that may have been my fave part.  They offer a U-Pick with whatever fruit is in season, but on Mondays we couldn't pick, so I was bummed about that.  Next time!

 Chocolate gelato that was the creamiest and tastiest.  The sweet lady scooping it up accidentally dropped Max's over the counter and he caught it! 

All the peaches!  We actually didn't get any, but I loved how they looked.  We are in GA, so I had to take a picture! 


Family Road Trip (Part 3)

I think the highlight of our trip, and all of it was so good, was Brasstown Bald Mountain.  The drive was incredibly curving and I got a bit nauseous.  Max loved pointing out every curvy sign we saw.  I felt like the signs were taunting me.  The drive was really beautiful though, and I would happily do it again!!

Brasstown Bald Mountain is the highest point in Georgia.  The views are breathtaking.

 They had cute rocking chairs.  Emma and I sat there for awhile just looking at the views and chatting.

 Even though you can't tell, Max was having a fun time.  He's at the age where he's hating pictures and does not want to smile!  He forgets I'm a momarazzi.
There's my smiling boy! 

The view.  All the heart eyes.  I want to go back in the Fall.  Can you imagine?  


Family Road Trip (Part 2)

Part 2 of our road trip lands us in Blairsville.  Ian planned the road trip, and he did a really great job at finding fun activities for us to do.  We started our 2nd day at a Whimsical Fairy Garden.  It was so magical.

Each house just kept getting cuter.  I think Max and Emma wanted one of each in our backyard.

How pretty is that castle?  If you are ever in Blairsville, I highly recommend a visit!!
FYI, there were no goblins. 

Part 3: Brasstown Bald Mountain