Random Ramblings

I am down to 1 week and 6 days left of summer break.  Not that I'm counting or anything.  A part of me is excited to get back to work.  Another part of me is so sad that summer is coming to an end!  I've loved every minute I've gotten with Max and Emma.  It's been a great summer.

Last Friday we went to go to see Hotel Transylvania 3.  It wasn't my favorite, but Emma thought it was funny.  Max kinda liked it.  We still need to see Incredible 2, which I plan on doing before school starts!

We had to take pictures with all the displays they had.  Now that we have assigned seating, it's not like we have to rush to get inside.  We took our sweet time, and giggled all the way to our theater. 

The kids are obsessed with Jurassic Park. We've only wanted the first one and half of the second.  I told Max he has to watch them all if he wants to see the new one. 

I ordered them a small icee at 10:20 in the morning, because hello...summer.  I didn't realize the drink was going to be the size of their head!  I should have ordered one and they could share!  Rookie mistake.

This week has been low key.  Turns out I have bronchitis, which has left me hacking up lung on the regular.  I think Max gets nervous when I start coughing, and he just watches me to make sure I'm okay.  Then he'll say, "Oh that was a big cough."  Every time.  I cough a lot throughout the day. 

I've been decorating the house a little at  time.  I focused on the kitchen, and here's what I've done so far.

I finally jumped on the letter board wagon.  Those rocks in the background are the ones we decorated for Ian for Father's Day.
 Decorative Fill/Letter Board is from Kirklands, but couldn't find the link. 

The dish towels in the background kill me.  That's a real life moment, and I just noticed it now...I probably would have retaken it had I noticed sooner!

I think this is my favorite spot.  I'm currently on a cactus kick.  My classroom theme will be cactus this year.  I got this one and the family sign from Kirklands.

Saturday Emma and I went for a walk.  We had to stop and admire all the flowers and birds.  I love seeing things through her eyes, because she sees the beauty in all things. 

Max has a dentist appointment today, which I'm dreading.  Say a big prayer for me that he doesn't cause a scene.  Ever since his hospital stay in WA, anytime a doctor has to check inside his mouth he FREAKS out.  I'm just going to have to bribe the heck out of him. 

We're also going to Target at some point this week to shop for back to school!  I can't believe Emma is going to be in Kinder and Max in 3rd.  

Happy Wednesday!! 


Girls Day

This week Max has basketball camp.  He has been loving it!  When he walked down the stairs yesterday, the poor kid was so sore.  Camp is 6 hours a day for 4 days.  That's a lot of basketball.  I love going early to pick him up so we can watch him.  He is always so excited to tell us about his day.

I signed up Emma for the craft class at Michael's today.  We stopped at our favorite donut place for some morning fuel.  Emma picks her donuts strictly by the color of the glaze.  We'll sit here for awhile and chat.  She loves to talk and tell stories. 

We made our way to Michael's and today's craft was a camping banner, which will go perfectly with her Happy Camper painting she did earlier this summer!   Her cutting skills are so good!

Then we stopped to get our nails did.  She went straight for the sparkly polish. 

I got mine done too.  Emma wanted me to pick a dark sparkly purple polish, but I went with a light pink. 

I love this quality time with my girl.  I can't believe in a few short weeks she'll be starting Kindergarten. Time needs to slow down just a little. 



Over the weekend we went to Montgomery to celebrate Ian's cousin who is having a baby in the next 5 weeks.  She is having a girl, and let me tell you that the kiddos and I had so much fun shopping for her.  We had such a fun time with family, listening to stories and laughing.  Ian's uncle is a great storyteller. 

On our way home we stopped in Auburn.  I will start off by saying we do not cheer for the Tigers.  We know better.  Roll Tide all the way, but when we drove up to the campus.  Holy moly.  It's so beautiful.  We parked at Toomers Corner and had their famous lemonade.  Then we walked and explored campus a little. 

How beautiful is that building?

I love exploring different campuses.  Ian causally mentioned in our conversation as we were walking that Max will be going to college in 10 years.   Dagger to my heart.   I know, dramatic, but my heart can't handle that yet.  10 years will be here before we know it. 


4th of July

Our 4th of July celebration started on the 3rd.  We went to a local park and had fun in the heat and humidity.  Humidity is the worst!!  We really did have fun.  There were bands playing,  we packed a picnic dinner, and ran into quite a few friends.  The firework show was pretty awesome.

On the 4th we spent some time at the pool.  Every time we go it's always just us.  Well on this day there were two large families there and the pool was packed.  It was all fun and laughter until it started to thunder and rain. 

We lit fireworks in our driveway to end the night.  It was a pretty fun night!

For New Years we had lit fireworks and our grass ended up on fire.  Max jumped into action and had ran inside to get a pitcher of water.  This time he was a bit nervous.  We brought out water just in case, and every time I looked over at Max he was holding the water ready to throw it on the fireworks.  He was so funny.  I kept telling him to put it down and relax, but he couldn't.  

Another holiday in  the books, and I say it every time, but Max and Emma make holidays so magical. 


Wild Animals

Summer time means we get ice cream before dinner!  Max and Emma were looking at a bird.  Emma is obsessed with birds.  When she sees one in our yard, she'll try to sneak up on it.  She wants so badly to hold one.  I on the other hand do not like birds.  They are creepy! 

Today I took Max and Emma to Michael's to an art class.  The theme this week is camping, so they painted a Happy Camper scene on a canvas.  It was a bit much for Emma to do with a lot of cutting, but she cut her little heart out. 

Max used glow in the dark paint for his tent, so you can't really see it.  Emma was all about pink.  They did pretty good, and I want to take them to an actual paint class now!

After their class we went to lunch with a friend.  Normally, Max and Emma behave pretty well when we're at a restaurant.  Today you would have thought they were wild animals, and that they've never been to a restaurant in their lives.  I was so embarrassed and mortified by their behavior.  I texted my friend when we got home and apologized.  We were supposed to go to Target, because Max lost another tooth and his money from the tooth fairy is burning a hole in his pocket.  We did not go, which is a punishment for me too because I always love a Target trip.  Kids.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  I hope your children are not acting like wild animals today, and if they are...Wine not Wednesday!



Emma and I went to Michaels the other day, and the cashier told me they have craft classes for kiddos during the summer every Mon, Tues. and Friday.  I signed Emma up for todays and it was a slime making class.  She loved it so much, and it was really cute.  I signed up her and Max for a class next week, and I think I just may sign them up for a few more.  My crafting loving heart is happy.  

While we were there we walked around and they are having 70% off some items.  So I bought this cute little mason jar center piece and some flowers.  My thought is that every season I can change out the middle flowers.  

Today is Max's last day of Camp All American, and there's an assembly for parents to go to, so I'm really excited to see what it's all about.  I can tell you that he has LOVED this camp so much.  So much.  It makes me happy to see how much fun he's been having.  

Emma and I had a week of fun as well.  I love getting time with just my girl.  Today she was being so silly.  I asked her to smile, and this is the smile she gave me....

My girl makes me laugh.  Her personality is really shining lately, and I can't wait to see how much she soaks up being in Kindergarten.  

Happy Friday, Friends!!  I hope you have a fun filled weekend!  We have a friend coming into town and Ian will be going to all the sport things this weekend.  Next week I have 3 days of work training.  I'm looking forward to seeing my people, but training during the summer is never fun.  Hopefully it will be! 


Be Kind

This week with Max at camp, I'm getting quality time with my girl.  On Monday after dropped off Max, I asked what she wanted to do.  She sweetly said, "Go to Target."  She is so my girl.  So we did, and we of course had to stop at Starbucks.  Then we walked around and chatted. 

Yesterday we went swimming.  Normally Max entertains her, and they race.  They have all the fun. This time it was just me.  I'm not as much as Max. She kept bossing me around.  She was so sassy, but she absolutely loves the pool. 

After we picked up Max we went for frozen yogurt and got caught in the rain.   Max is LOVING camp.  He loves it so much he wants to go back next week.  Ha!

Today I was taking Emma to Michael's to do a craft after we dropped off Max.

It filled up and she wasn't able to paint the cutest little bird house.  So....

Emma has the sweetest spirit.  She brightens up the room.  She is so funny, and I have loved laughing with her this week.  This quality time has been good for my soul.  

After yesterdays post, one of my fav bloggers posted this on her instagram.  Another one of my fav's posted a link to this article.  It full of information and 4 ways to help out.  

"Three things in human life are important:
The first is to be kind;
The second is to be kind;
and the third is to
=Henry James