4 Months!!!

Today our baby boy is 4 months!!  4!!!  Where does the time go?  I did take pictures, but I'll have to post them when we get home.  

We've been in Alaska for 3 days now, and I LOVE IT!!!!  When we arrived into Fairbanks it was -19 degrees and snowing.  It was beautiful.  The ground sparkled.  We entered our very own winter wonderland.   Pap-pap and Mum-mum met us at the airport with heavy jackets and blankets.  I wanted to go outside and experience the cold before I bundled up.  I went outside and the crisp, cold air hit my throat and made me cough.  (Still happens every time I got outside.)   I seriously pictured myself to shake uncontrollably because it's so cold, but that wasn't the case.  :)  I think I'm surprising everyone with how well I'm taking to the weather.  I think I could fit in here just fine if we ever moved here.

Max has been nothing but warm since we landed.  When he's warm, you know what happens....he sleeps!!   We met Auntie Nicole, Uncle Cleo, and cousins Jaden and Amaya at our hotel.  It's been a year and half since we've seen them, so Jaden is sooo grown up and handsome.  Amaya is a few weeks younger than Max and is so adorably cute!  She is a peaceful little girl. 

While in Fairbanks we drove out to North Pole, AK and went to Santa Claus House.  Max sat on Santa's lap, and we took a pictures with just him and Santa, and then as a family.  It was a happy moment.  Outside they had ice sculptures, and Ian and I sat in a sleigh.  Brrrr!!!!  It was pretty cool though!

We came to Healy yesterday and woke up this morning to a fresh fallen snow.  Beautiful.  Everywhere you look it's like looking at a Christmas card.  I love it!  John, Ian, and myself went out today and found our Christmas tree.  I was so excited to do this, because I've never gone out and cut down a tree.  So I didn't really cut down the tree, but the experience was FUN and I loved it!  It was about 5 degrees out. 

I don't want to leave AK without seeing the Northern Lights, so hopefully that will happen.  :) 

Facts of Max:
He has found his feet, which leads to him pulling off his socks.
He can hold his bottle...not consistently yet, but he's trying.
He loves to be sitting up.
He touched snow for the first time and cried.
He has started to pull my hair, and can I just say he has a mean grip.  I've been wearing it up now.  :)
He laughs so much more, which makes us laugh more.


AK Bound

Today is the day!!!  At 5:00 pm, we will be flying to Alaska!!  Are we ready for the -30 degree weather?  Umm not so much!  We are so very excited to see Pap-pap, Mum-mum, Nicole, Cleo, Jaden and Amaya!!  It's Max's first plane ride, so I'm a little nervous.  He's a really good kid though, so we're hoping he'll just be his happy ole' self. 

I've spent this past week getting this ready for our big trip.  I bought Max a few thermal one pieces, which are so flippin' cute!  Our baby boy will be warm and cozy the whole time we're there!!  He's my little heater, so he'll be keeping me warm.  :)

As excited as I am to spend Christmas in Alaska, I'm sad to not be spending it with my family.  It's our first Christmas apart.  :(  My family on my Mom's side is all going to Vaughn to surprise my Gramma Molly.  I think we'll be the only ones not there, and she hasn't met Max yet.   Sad, sad. 

I won't be posting pictures or updating until we get back home. 

Merry Christmas!!!!
Ian, Jennifer and Max


'Tis the Season of Sickness

Sickness is going around our family and it won't go away!!!  Max has had a cough that won't go away, and he got pink eye!!  My poor baby!  He's a little trooper when it comes to putting the drops in his eye.  They sting, so at first he cried like a mad man, but now he's such a big boy with no tears. 

We went to Radio City Christmas Spectacular a couple weeks ago.  We figured Max would like it because of the singing and the bright colors.  We were there maybe 5 minutes and he fell asleep!  It was an amazing show though!  This past Thursday we went to my school's Christmas Concert.  When the choir was singing he fell right to sleep, but when the band played....well let's just say it scared him.  He's not a fan of that type of music. 

This Monday we have Ian's Christmas Party.  The party is for all Coyote employees, which includes the Coyote players.  So little man will be on the ice with the hockey players!  We're excited to put him on the ice, especially Ian.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

We leave for Alaska in 6 days!!!  I've checked the weather and we'll be leaving 70 degree weather and going to -12 degrees!!! 

Max moments:

Oreo checking out his competition.
Look at my outfit!
Sleeping with my mittens because I scratched my face. :(
Max is long enough to touch both sides of his pack n' play.
Looking scared while sitting by himself.
That's the smile we were looking for!
Standing around. 
I love my daddy!!


Gobble Gobble

Well Max had his 1st Thanksgiving!!  He was up bright and early yesterday at 5:00.  Thankfully my dad was up a little later and let me go back to sleep for awhile.  We went to my Grandma Grace's for our feast, and of course Max fell asleep right before we got there.  This kid sleeps through important events: meeting Kaylee for the first time, first official hockey game where he met Kaylee for the 2nd time, etc.  So we get to my Grandma's and everyone wants to see him, but they had to look and not touch.  We wanted him to sleep because we knew he wouldn't for the rest of the day.  

Most of the Tenorio Clan was there to enjoy the feast.  My Aunt Trish took pictures of Max and Jax.  Super cute!  Max was in a Santa hat, and Jax had reindeer antlers and a red nose.  At first Max didn't care for his picture to be taken, and daddy swooped in to rescue him.  Once he ate he was ready for his time in front of the camera.  There were some adorable Steelers pictures taken. 

With most of the family there, Jax and Max were the hit of the party.  They got passed around like hot potatoes.  It's funny what people do to make babies laugh.  They have to be thinking how crazy we are, and maybe that's why they laugh.  I had Jax full of smiles and getting so excited!!  Gosh, that little guy is just too cute!!  I can't wait until both Max and Jax are old enough to walk around and play with one another.  :)

We got home around 7:30 and Max was out for the night.  He was up this morning at 3:30, and for a second I thought maybe I would go out and venture into the craziness of shopping.  Eh, that thought went away quick!  I'm sure once Max is old enough to want things that require me to go out on Black Friday, I will turn into one of those crazy people.  Until then I will enjoy sleeping in and staying warm.


3 Months...and 2 Days!

Man oh man I cannot believe our baby boy is 3 months!!   He's wearing his onesie that his cousin, Bekah, decorated at my baby shower.  Looking back at his newborn pictures, he has grown so much!! 

This weekend I went to Target and bought Max a new toy.  It's a 3 in one toy that he can lay on his back and play with toys that hang down.  He can do tummy time on it, and it also turns into a tunnel that he can play with once he knows how to crawl.  So cute!!  He loves it too, which is nice because it keeps him busy for awhile here and there.  Saturday we put him on his belly and he rolled over!!  It happened so fast, it caught us off guard.  We tried to record him doing it again, but he wasn't having it. 

So over the past couple weeks I was sick, Max was sick, and now Ian is sick.  It is not fun!!  Moms don't get sick days.  When I was younger and my Mom was sick, she always took care of me even though she wasn't feeling well.  I don't know how she did it, because all I wanted to do was sleep, and I couldn't.  I never realized all she did for me when she was sick, and it makes you stop and think.  Thanks Mom for always taking care of me when you needed someone to take care of you while you were sick.  :)  I think next time I'm sick, I'll pay for my Mom to come take care of me. ;) Haha...just kidding!  That really isn't a bad idea though.....

Wednesday we go to Las Cruces for Thanksgiving.  We'll see how Max does this car trip.  I bought a cd with kid songs, so I think we'll be playing that some of the way.  Goodbye Eminem/Kanye cds, hello lullabies! Max does like Taylor Swift though, so at least I can listen to music I like.  Shoot, I had him trained liking my kind of music before he came into this world.  Hmm....I don't think Ian would like him listening to NSYNC's Christmas cd...he'll never know. I know Max won't tell him!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  If you're traveling, be safe!

Months of Max...so far.

My newborn baby :)
1 month old!!
2 months!!
3 months!!


Just Like Daddy

You want me to look where?
I'm dressed just like daddy! 
Doesn't he look like a tough guy? 
I love you thissss much! 
Our little burrito. :)

Sleepy Max

Max has been in daycare going on 4 weeks.  He's adjusted just fine, and is a happy baby when I pick him up. I love walking in to get him and he's all smiles.  He's usually full of baby chatter too and will talk all the way home.  It's adorable. Yesterday I picked him up and he was napping.  When we got home he was awake for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep at 4ish.  He woke up once to eat and then slept until 4 this morning!!!  I kept waking up last night to check on him.  He must have been sleepy.  I have a feeling tonight's going to be the same.  He only took one nap at daycare today, and he is sound asleep as I type this blog.  He snores just like his daddy.  :) 

This weekend we met up and had lunch with friends that we hadn't seen in a year.  Boy were they in for a surprise.  We hadn't told them about Max.  I thought the whole situation would go one of two ways.  1.) They were going to be hurt we hadn't told them about new addition, or 2.) Happy to meet the little guy.  Turns out they were very excited to meet our little guy, and if they were upset they masked their feelings well.  We went to a Crafts Fair and walked around.  We bought our first family ornament!!  We had many comments about how adorably cute Max is...as if we didn't know. ;)  One lovely and very old lady told me that he looked like he's 6 months.  Geez when I was pregnant I heard over and over again how big I was, and now we keep hearing how big Max is.  He's 25 1/2 inches long.  Is he big for his age....I don't know, maybe.  It's hard not to let it get to you though when that's the first thing out of people's mouths.  Max is a healthy, almost 3 month old.  End of story.

A big moment in Max's weekend was meeting his cousin Jaxon!!  We've been waiting for this moment since Jax was born!  It was worth the wait.  Jax is so adorably cute!!  I was excited to hold him and see that cute face in person.  He peed on me.  :)  I think that means he likes me!  We are looking forward to seeing Jax and his proud parents for Thanksgiving when we go to Las Cruces to spend it with my family.  I think Jax and Max will be the hit at Thanksgiving dinner.  :)

Now for some pictures!

Sports fan.

<3 this outfit!

My boys drinking from their bottles.


You want me to paint what?

Ta da!!

I'm a mess!


Hotdog For Sale

Max was ready for his first Halloween Party.....

Cutest hotdog!

All partied out! :)


Coos and Smiles

Well goodness it feels like FOREVER since I've posted a blog.  A lot has happened in the past couple weeks.  I started work again.  BOO!  Really it's not that bad being back.  Of course I would much rather spend my day with Max.  Max officially is in daycare.  Oh lordy was that hard!  I was a crying mess the Sunday before, his first Monday, and I shed a few tears that Tuesday.  Since then, picking him up is the best time of day!!

Max is making more coos and other baby talk more than ever.  He's smiling so much, and I'm pretty sure he'll be laughing soon.  He had his 2 month appointment.  Umm...seeing Ian hold his arms down while the nurse lady poked him with needles was a sight I didn't like to see.  It's terrible seeing your baby in pain.  He ended up getting a fever afterwards, and I just felt so bad for him.  Luckily he was better the next day.  He was a happy baby at daycare.  :)  Our little man isn't so little.  He weighs 13 lbs and is 24 1/2 in. long.  He's growing so fast!!!

Tonight is the annual Beachy Bash and we'll be dressing up Max in his first costume!!  Hopefully he likes his costume as much as we like it.  I bet when he's older and we show him the pictures he's going to be embarrassed or mad at us. Hmm...oh well. :) 

First day of daycare ....:(

Max was a happy baby!

2 months!

Daddy's Little Monster <3


Max, Max, and More Max!

 Max giving me the look that makes me say, "Awww..."
Max was sleeping on his boppy, but managed to scoot himself down onto the couch.
 Sitting in his Bumbo like a big boy!
Splish, splash he was taking a bath....which he loves!!


Conversations With Max

I have been having the best conversations with my little man.  Boy does he like to talk.  :)  I started filling out his baby book.  It's starts off with the day we found out we were having a baby.  I really can't believe how we went from finding out about our little miracle to him already being a month and 2 weeks old!!  I don't know where the time goes, but I'd really like it to slow down.  I go back to work on October 18th.  I've always loved teaching.  I've always been ready to go to work and teach my kiddos something new.  Now though....I just want to stay home with Max.  I feel like I've lost a little of my desire to teach.  Maybe it will come back when I go back, but right now I can say I'd be 100% happy staying home with my little man.  Maybe one day......

So while Ian's parents were in town we went to Flagstaff.  It was a good mini vacation.  We went on a hike that had 240 steps we had to go down and then back up.  Talk about a hike!!!  Max had it the easiest, because he slept the entire time.  :)  I'm finding that Max sleeps through many of his adventures.  

His Pap-pap and Mum-mum left on Monday.  It was sad to see them go. We'll be seeing them in December though when we go to Alaska for Christmas.  Max will be 4 months then.  He'll be meeting his cousins, Amaya, who was born on September 9th and Jbo.  We're also hoping to baptize him while he's there, so hopefully that works out.  

We measured him the other day because he seems so long.  He was 21 inches when he was born, and he's just about 24 inches.  He loves to stare at the shadows the fan makes on the walls.  He loves when you talk to him in a high pitched voice.  He'll sit and listen to you when you talk to him or sing to him.  He loves to sit up in his boppy and look around.  He loves his baths now, as long as they are very warm.  :) 

Life with Max is absolutely wonderful.  He makes every day that much better for Ian and me. The many adventures of Max are just beginning.  :)


Little Sports Fan

Max is ONE MONTH old!!!!  He's growing so fast!  He smiles so much more now and holds his head up.  He's still a bit of a bobble head, but his little neck is getting stronger! 

Onesie by Auntie Alicia

Max is becoming a sports fan whether he likes it or not.  :)  In the past few weeks he has watched 3 Steelers games, gone to two Coyotes games, and watched his daddy play in a softball game.  He LOVED the hockey games....well the first one he slept through, but the second one he was awake for 2 of the 3 periods.  He also watched the softball game, which was cute to see.  He sat happily on my lap, until he peed on me.  Never a dull moment with Max!  I'm not sure how he feels about football yet, but he looks adorable in his Steelers cap. 

Go Yotes!!

Here we go Steelers, He we go!

Max is also spending time with his Pap-pap and Mum-mum.  His Pap-pap loves feeding him, but when bottles are taken out of his mouth he'll let you know he's still hungry!  Don't mess with Max's food! :) 
Mum-mum quiets him down when he's fussy, and likes to play and talk to her.  It's a sight to see. 

Our visit is now taking us to Flagstaff....more pictures and stories to come!!