Best Sound Ever

Today I heard the best sound ever.  I heard our baby's heartbeat!  It happened a few days earlier then we planned, and Ian actually missed the appointment because he was so sick.  :(  A trip to the urgent care, and an iv later and now Ian's feeling much better.  I was tempted to ask there if they had the equipment to listen to a baby's heartbeat, so Ian could hear it.  He'll have to wait until mid March where we'll not only hear the best sound ever again, but we'll find out if our litle one is a boy or girl.  Lately though I'm feeling like it's a boy.  I've also read a few old wives tales and it's pointing to boy, but you never know. :)  As long as our little one is healthy we'll be happy. 


Pregnancy with a side of sciatica

13 weeks

Apparently women who are pregnant can have a case of sciatica.  I'm one of the lucky ones!!  My right leg has been hurting like no other, so I've parked myself on the couch and have spent many hours looking at baby websites.  Hopefully it won't last too long.

I went and bought my first maternity pants.  It was an experience.  I can't say they fit too well yet, but I have  a belly band that helps all my pants stay up!  I have to say I'm ready to have my baby belly, and not look like I'm just eating too much chocolate!

I told one of my kiddos parents that I'm pregnant, not telling her not to tell her son.  He came to school the next day with a book for me about pregnancy week by week.  My whole class now knows.  All the girls want me to of course have a girl, and the boys say they hope I'm having a boy.  I'm planning on making this a math activity and graphing their responses.  It's fun to have them somewhat involved.  Plus, when they are misbehaving I just tell them that the baby isn't liking it.  Not saying it works all the time.  :) 

We went to Target the other day and wound up in the baby section.  It was really cute to see Ian looking at all the cribs, strollers, and carseats. He tells me all the time how excited he is, which I love to hear. Next Friday we hear the heartbeat!  It can't come soon enough!


First Blog, First Baby

This is a year for firsts.  I'm typing up my first blog about our first baby!  Ian and I are really excited about having a baby, and adding a new fan to the Steeler Nation.  :)  We found out right before Christmas, and it was a great surprise!  We had so much fun telling our parents.  On my side the baby will be the first grandchild, let the spoiling begin. On Ian's side of the family, Jaden will have to share the spotlight with his soon to be cousin.

The first 12 weeks have been...well tough.  I don't know why they call it morning sickness, because I was sick and nauseous all day. Thankfully that has past, even though I didn't think the day would come!  Cravings have hit me, and all I want are jalepenos!  The more the better!  I liked them before, but now it's getting out of hand. I finished a jar in a little over a week! Hand me a jar, and I'm happy.   :)

My clothes are getting snug, and come on ladies, that's never fun.  I have to remind myself I have a baby growing inside me, and that's a great thing!  So let the shopping begin!

We get to hear the baby's heartbeat Feb. 26th, and that day can't get here fast enough! 

We're looking forward to sharing our first baby experience with family and friends!  Stay tuned, because there is so much more to come......