Oh Ginger Ale....I haven't missed you.

Well....I thought my morning sickness had gone away. It has decided to return! I thought maybe food I was eating was getting to me, but wishful thinking. It's returned with a vengeance and it isn’t pretty! Ginger ale and crackers are becoming my best friends again. Oh well!!!

On Friday I told my kiddos that on Monday I would wear the color of shirt that would let them know if I was having a boy or girl. Monday morning comes and I'm wearing blue, so of course they know I'm having a boy! Most of my kiddos were excited. Some of the girls who wanted me to have a girl, changed their tune and knew the whole time I was having a boy. Tuesday comes and I'm wearing a pink shirt. As my kiddos walked into the classroom, they yelled, "You're having a girl!" How quickly they forget. :) I had to spend the whole day telling them I'm not having a girl, I'm having a boy, and no what I'm having can't change over night. I'm going to have to wear more blue shirts!!!

 Ian's parents went back to Alaska on Monday. It was sad to see them leave. We had a wonderful visit while they were here. Pat and I went shopping for little boy clothes, which was exciting. Our son is going to be a sports fan...whether he likes it or not! He also has his first football and first piggy bank from his Mum-mum and Pap-pap. (Ian's parents) My family comes this Thursday, and I'm so excited to see them! The last time they saw me was around Christmas time, so I didn't look pregnant. Now they'll be able to see the difference!

We've been asked a lot on what we're naming our kiddo. We're not 100% sure yet. There is a name that we love.  I promise we won't name our kiddo Apple or Pilot Inspektor. :) Hopefully we decide soon though, because I want to be able to call him by his name!


The Winklmann Name Continues

Our baby's first picture

Yesterday Ian and I had our ultrasound to see our baby for the first time. At 7:15 in the morning.  It was so amazing to see the baby!  We saw little hands and feet!  At one point the tech wanted to take a profile picture, but the baby wasn't cooperating.  Stubborn just like daddy!!  I'm calling that right now.  :)  Finally the baby moved the way the tech wanted, and let me just say that the tech was pushing my belly like no other.  It definitely wasn't the best feeling.  We didn't want to see the sex of the baby, because we planned to find out at home with family and friends.  When the tech was taking the picture, we couldn't look because the baby was showing off!  As we left the office, I wanted to know right then and there if our baby was a boy or girl.  Ian didn't cave in, and he didn't let me know.  I was mad!  I'm glad we waited though because  it was worth the wait.

We found out last night around 7:00 just who would be joining our family.  Ian and I opened a bag, and inside were tiny, adorable, blue socks!  We're having a BOY!!  The Winklmann name continues! The moment we finally saw those socks made everything worth it: the morning sickness, aches and pains, and anything else that has come along with the pregnancy.   We had been waiting for 18 weeks to find out if we were having a boy or girl, and now that we finally know it's a boy...we now have to wait until August to meet him!  This little guy, who is kicking away as I type this, is an amazing little baby, and I cannot wait until he is in our arms.  The countdown begins!


B or G??

We're finding out if our baby will be wearing blue socks or pink socks this Friday.  Our appointment is in the morning, but we've decided to wait until Friday night to find out.  Around 6:30 we'll be opening a gift and inside will either be the blue or pink socks.  We're also going to have someone record it, that way one day our kiddo will be able to see our reaction the moment we found out about him/her.  Have your phones near by!!


Kicks and Giggles

Spring Break is coming to an end, and it has been a very busy week!  I feel like I need a break to recover!  Ian's parents got here on Thursday, and it's been great spending time with them.  We all went looking at baby stuff at Target.  Then Pat and I went to Babies R Us and looked around. Every time I see baby things, it just gets me so excited!   Pat and John brought the baby gifts.  Our kiddo will definitely be a sports fan!  So cute!

We went to a hockey game last night.  Every time we scored the baby was kicking up a storm!  Again convincing us this kid will play hockey one day.  That or be a super ninja.  :)   The baby is moving around A LOT, and if I push on my belly when he/she is spazzing out I can feel the kicks or punches.  Ian has yet to feel the kicking/punches, because it seems like when he touches my belly the baby stops moving.  Stubborn just like his/her daddy.  :)

I'm looking forward to this week, because that brings us one day closer to Friday!


Spring Training and the Bump

16 weeks (3/14/10)

Yesterday we went to a Spring Training game.  I'm going to say that baseball isn't going to be our kiddo's favorite sport.  I felt no movement at all, so I think he/she was bored.  Just like his/her momma!  We may have been bored with the game, but we enjoyed the company! 

The baby is moving more, and apparently has mastered the art of yawning.  That's something I'm definitely doing more of these days!!  Even though I'm tired, I'm still having a tough time getting a full nights sleep.  I get sucked into watching infomercials at 3:00 in the morning. 

Jenn is here and we've gone shopping, which is always a good time.  I bought a few maternity tops, which I don't fit into all that well yet, but I will soon enough!  It's been hard finding maternity clothes though, which surprised me.  I've gone to 4 stores and their selections have been very minimal.  Kind of disappointing.  :(
On the bright side, our appointment is in 11 days!


Hockey Player?

I can hardly wait to feel the baby move and know that the baby is kicking or punching me. This fluttering business is just a weird feeling. I can't explain it any other way. I hadn't really noticed the baby moving, and I had a very vivid bad dream, so I started to worry. Late one night Ian and I were watching On the Fly. It's a show that recaps the daily hockey games...kind of like Sports Center. Well, every time that they would show a team scoring a goal, a horn would sound. EVERY time that we heard the horn, I felt the baby fluttering away. We were giggling about it, and then Ian said that our baby is going to be a hockey player! Girl or boy our kiddo could play hockey. :)

At 16 weeks our little hockey player can begin to hear sounds...hence the freaking out when he/she heard the horn. I sing a little T Swift to him/her on the way to work every morning. Not that I'm the best singer, but our little one will think so. All the men reading this, don't worry he/she is hearing their fair share of rap and less pop-ish music when Ian’s in the car. Our kiddo will like a variety of music.

We've recently been spending a lot of time at Home Depot and Lowes because we're redoing our bathroom. I always like to stop at the paint colors and show Ian some shades for the baby's room. I'm drawn to the blue-greens, and when I hold up a shade I usually hear a "No." from Ian. I won't give up though. We'll find a color that we both like, and I'm sure it will be easier to decide once we know for sure if it's a boy or girl.

Spring break starts Friday around 1:30. My best friend, Jenn, comes to visit for a few days. I think we may have to go do a little shopping for the baby. There's no harm in picking up some cute onesies...right?

15 days until our appointment!


Random Craving

So last night Ian and I are watching tv, and all I wanted to eat was Baked Lays dipped in mustard and ketchup.  When I said this to Ian, the look on his face was priceless!  Made me giggle, but I was serious.  This was my first random craving, and I liked it!  Ian even tried it and said it was good.  Hopefully that's as random as the craving will get.  :)

Mark your calendars!! We find out if Baby Winklmann is a boy or girl on March 26th!!  Bright and early!  Now that we actually have a date set for the appointment, the countdown can begin!  I'm so excited!!



15 weeks...guess my bump isn't as big as it feels!

I'm now a few days over 15 weeks, and I'm feeling more pregnant.  Our baby is now the size of an avocado.  I love that the application on my ipod compares our baby's size to something.  When I talk to my best friend we always refer to the baby as whatever fruit it's size is compared to.  It's gone from strawberry, plum, naval orange, and now avocado!  Every once in awhile I can feel a flutter.  The first time I noticed it, it was weird.  It was hard to explain to Ian.  I can't wait until he can feel our little one kicking!

I'm beginning to miss my friend Sleep.  For some reason I'm having trouble sleeping and I wake up like 10 times a night.  Maybe it's my body's way of getting me ready for what's to come.  It's rough not being able to sleep and looking over at Ian who is out like a log.  Jealous!  Oh he'll have his time though.  :) 

I've become obsessed with A Baby Story.  Though I have to say that when they show the labor is does freak me out.  I can tell you now, I won't be one of those ladies who has a natural birth with no epidural.  I say bring on the epidural!  The episode I'm watching now the lady had no epidural, and quite frankly she's scaring me.  Umm...nope that will NOT be me!

My kiddos at school are constantly asking how the baby is.  Every day, same question.  It's like when you would ask your parents, "Are we there yet?"  The answer is always the same.  It's cute, but I think I'll start saying random things to them.  I'll make it more interesting for both of us!  One of my girls did tell that it is noticeable now that I'm having a baby.  It was so funny to hear her say it, because she sounded so grown up. 

A friend that works with Ian, Kat,  is having a baby, and she's a few weeks further along.  It's been fun chatting with her and talking about what we're going through.  Her and her husband actually found out today that they are having a girl!  Makes me want to know now what we're having!  I just want to know, so we can start shopping!  Or really, so I can start shopping! :)

I'll post a picture sometime this weekend.  I feel like I went from no belly to BAM, baby belly! This baby still has me craving jalapenos, and now pickles.  Mostly salty and sour.  Just typing it makes my mouth water.  Yum!

The weeks are going by quickly, and I can't wait until this avocado has a name and is here with us.  That day can't get here soon enough.