15 weeks...guess my bump isn't as big as it feels!

I'm now a few days over 15 weeks, and I'm feeling more pregnant.  Our baby is now the size of an avocado.  I love that the application on my ipod compares our baby's size to something.  When I talk to my best friend we always refer to the baby as whatever fruit it's size is compared to.  It's gone from strawberry, plum, naval orange, and now avocado!  Every once in awhile I can feel a flutter.  The first time I noticed it, it was weird.  It was hard to explain to Ian.  I can't wait until he can feel our little one kicking!

I'm beginning to miss my friend Sleep.  For some reason I'm having trouble sleeping and I wake up like 10 times a night.  Maybe it's my body's way of getting me ready for what's to come.  It's rough not being able to sleep and looking over at Ian who is out like a log.  Jealous!  Oh he'll have his time though.  :) 

I've become obsessed with A Baby Story.  Though I have to say that when they show the labor is does freak me out.  I can tell you now, I won't be one of those ladies who has a natural birth with no epidural.  I say bring on the epidural!  The episode I'm watching now the lady had no epidural, and quite frankly she's scaring me.  Umm...nope that will NOT be me!

My kiddos at school are constantly asking how the baby is.  Every day, same question.  It's like when you would ask your parents, "Are we there yet?"  The answer is always the same.  It's cute, but I think I'll start saying random things to them.  I'll make it more interesting for both of us!  One of my girls did tell that it is noticeable now that I'm having a baby.  It was so funny to hear her say it, because she sounded so grown up. 

A friend that works with Ian, Kat,  is having a baby, and she's a few weeks further along.  It's been fun chatting with her and talking about what we're going through.  Her and her husband actually found out today that they are having a girl!  Makes me want to know now what we're having!  I just want to know, so we can start shopping!  Or really, so I can start shopping! :)

I'll post a picture sometime this weekend.  I feel like I went from no belly to BAM, baby belly! This baby still has me craving jalapenos, and now pickles.  Mostly salty and sour.  Just typing it makes my mouth water.  Yum!

The weeks are going by quickly, and I can't wait until this avocado has a name and is here with us.  That day can't get here soon enough.

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