Hockey Player?

I can hardly wait to feel the baby move and know that the baby is kicking or punching me. This fluttering business is just a weird feeling. I can't explain it any other way. I hadn't really noticed the baby moving, and I had a very vivid bad dream, so I started to worry. Late one night Ian and I were watching On the Fly. It's a show that recaps the daily hockey games...kind of like Sports Center. Well, every time that they would show a team scoring a goal, a horn would sound. EVERY time that we heard the horn, I felt the baby fluttering away. We were giggling about it, and then Ian said that our baby is going to be a hockey player! Girl or boy our kiddo could play hockey. :)

At 16 weeks our little hockey player can begin to hear sounds...hence the freaking out when he/she heard the horn. I sing a little T Swift to him/her on the way to work every morning. Not that I'm the best singer, but our little one will think so. All the men reading this, don't worry he/she is hearing their fair share of rap and less pop-ish music when Ian’s in the car. Our kiddo will like a variety of music.

We've recently been spending a lot of time at Home Depot and Lowes because we're redoing our bathroom. I always like to stop at the paint colors and show Ian some shades for the baby's room. I'm drawn to the blue-greens, and when I hold up a shade I usually hear a "No." from Ian. I won't give up though. We'll find a color that we both like, and I'm sure it will be easier to decide once we know for sure if it's a boy or girl.

Spring break starts Friday around 1:30. My best friend, Jenn, comes to visit for a few days. I think we may have to go do a little shopping for the baby. There's no harm in picking up some cute onesies...right?

15 days until our appointment!

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