Kicks and Giggles

Spring Break is coming to an end, and it has been a very busy week!  I feel like I need a break to recover!  Ian's parents got here on Thursday, and it's been great spending time with them.  We all went looking at baby stuff at Target.  Then Pat and I went to Babies R Us and looked around. Every time I see baby things, it just gets me so excited!   Pat and John brought the baby gifts.  Our kiddo will definitely be a sports fan!  So cute!

We went to a hockey game last night.  Every time we scored the baby was kicking up a storm!  Again convincing us this kid will play hockey one day.  That or be a super ninja.  :)   The baby is moving around A LOT, and if I push on my belly when he/she is spazzing out I can feel the kicks or punches.  Ian has yet to feel the kicking/punches, because it seems like when he touches my belly the baby stops moving.  Stubborn just like his/her daddy.  :)

I'm looking forward to this week, because that brings us one day closer to Friday!

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