Oh Ginger Ale....I haven't missed you.

Well....I thought my morning sickness had gone away. It has decided to return! I thought maybe food I was eating was getting to me, but wishful thinking. It's returned with a vengeance and it isn’t pretty! Ginger ale and crackers are becoming my best friends again. Oh well!!!

On Friday I told my kiddos that on Monday I would wear the color of shirt that would let them know if I was having a boy or girl. Monday morning comes and I'm wearing blue, so of course they know I'm having a boy! Most of my kiddos were excited. Some of the girls who wanted me to have a girl, changed their tune and knew the whole time I was having a boy. Tuesday comes and I'm wearing a pink shirt. As my kiddos walked into the classroom, they yelled, "You're having a girl!" How quickly they forget. :) I had to spend the whole day telling them I'm not having a girl, I'm having a boy, and no what I'm having can't change over night. I'm going to have to wear more blue shirts!!!

 Ian's parents went back to Alaska on Monday. It was sad to see them leave. We had a wonderful visit while they were here. Pat and I went shopping for little boy clothes, which was exciting. Our son is going to be a sports fan...whether he likes it or not! He also has his first football and first piggy bank from his Mum-mum and Pap-pap. (Ian's parents) My family comes this Thursday, and I'm so excited to see them! The last time they saw me was around Christmas time, so I didn't look pregnant. Now they'll be able to see the difference!

We've been asked a lot on what we're naming our kiddo. We're not 100% sure yet. There is a name that we love.  I promise we won't name our kiddo Apple or Pilot Inspektor. :) Hopefully we decide soon though, because I want to be able to call him by his name!

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