The Winklmann Name Continues

Our baby's first picture

Yesterday Ian and I had our ultrasound to see our baby for the first time. At 7:15 in the morning.  It was so amazing to see the baby!  We saw little hands and feet!  At one point the tech wanted to take a profile picture, but the baby wasn't cooperating.  Stubborn just like daddy!!  I'm calling that right now.  :)  Finally the baby moved the way the tech wanted, and let me just say that the tech was pushing my belly like no other.  It definitely wasn't the best feeling.  We didn't want to see the sex of the baby, because we planned to find out at home with family and friends.  When the tech was taking the picture, we couldn't look because the baby was showing off!  As we left the office, I wanted to know right then and there if our baby was a boy or girl.  Ian didn't cave in, and he didn't let me know.  I was mad!  I'm glad we waited though because  it was worth the wait.

We found out last night around 7:00 just who would be joining our family.  Ian and I opened a bag, and inside were tiny, adorable, blue socks!  We're having a BOY!!  The Winklmann name continues! The moment we finally saw those socks made everything worth it: the morning sickness, aches and pains, and anything else that has come along with the pregnancy.   We had been waiting for 18 weeks to find out if we were having a boy or girl, and now that we finally know it's a boy...we now have to wait until August to meet him!  This little guy, who is kicking away as I type this, is an amazing little baby, and I cannot wait until he is in our arms.  The countdown begins!

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