Wax Winklmann

This has been one crazy week!  I'm 20 weeks, so we're halfway there to meeting our little guy!  We also went to LA for an overnight trip to watch the Coyotes play the Kings.  Yesterday we had Nascar, and today hopefully we REST!!

20 weeks....the little guy is moving more.  He loves to kick and punch me to let me know that he is in my belly!  Not like I could forget.  :)  He has also become our hockey game predictor.  If he's moving up a storm, the Yotes win, if he's sleeping, the Yotes let the other team get a win.  I do feel like he's taking over my belly, and he's letting me know it's his for the next 4 months. 

LA...so much fun!  We left Thursday with Dallas and Jessi to watch the Yotes play the Kings.  We stayed downtown, which was about a 4 block walk to Staples Center.  On our walk to Staples, Ian was heckled by a couple of 12 year old girls.  They were oh so clever with the cough that turned into "Coyotes suck." Little did they know that at the end of the night, the Yotes would make a come back and beat the Kings in a shootout.  Young girls...so naive and probably didn't know much about hockey. :) 

We got to the game a little early, because we wanted to watch the Yotes during warm up.  I'm so happy we did, because two of the players threw pucks over to us!  It was awesome!  Then to top of our win, we found out that during the game we were on tv!  Luckily they replayed the game, so we were able to record it, so we could watch our tv debuts.

Before we left Friday we went to Santa Monica Pier to walk around.  We stopped at this guy who paints names that are made out of animals or trees.  Very cool looking.  So I told Ian we should get one with our kiddo's name for his room.  We're pretty excited about it, and the guy tells us to come back in about 10 minutes.  We get back to pick it up, and he shows us his hard work.  He painted Wax....don't freak out, we're not naming our kid Wax Winklmann.  It was suppose to say Max, but he was looking at what we wrote upside down.  :)  When Max gets older we can let him know, his name was almost Wax. 

Max Donovan Winklmann is the name we decided on. We love the name, and think it will fit our little guy perfectly!

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