Bending...Mission Impossible

Week 22 is already gone, and week 23 is here. How quickly the weeks go by! This past week was another busy one. Ian and I registered for Max at Target. That didn't take too long because they have about 10 rows. We decided to wait on Babies R Us, because that place is a tad bit bigger than Target and there is a whole lot of baby stuff to look at. :) We'll take on that challenge soon. Ian handled the scanning of items. I think he felt pretty cool holding the scanner gun. It was a fun time!

We decided on a sports theme for Max's room...shocker right? I actually went shopping last night and got a few things for his room. I got this really cute lamp where the base of it is a bat, and to turn on the light you pull on a whistle. Super cute! Max might not appreciate it anytime soon, but when he's older he'll think it's the coolest thing in his room!

Ian brought home Max's first hockey stick today. He was giving a tour to a client and saw a broken stick on the players bench....so it belonged to Lee Stempniak #22 but now it's Max's. :) He's destined to be a hockey player!

Randomness that you might be interested in knowing. Something that is becoming a bit more of a challenge for me is bending. Bending..should be easy and I'll tell you it's not! I had to tie my shoe last night, and it was a process bending down to do so. I was probably a sight to see! I know the day will come when I can't see my feet...yikes!!

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