Belly Buddies

This past Saturday Max met his cousin Jax and they are already belly buddies!   So many play dates in the future!!   I have to admit it was hard to hear how easy Jamie's pregnancy has been for her.  Jealous! No matter how different our pregnancies, the outcome is the same. We're both waiting patiently for our little guys to get here! 

Uncle Antonio and Auntie Alicia also felt Max kicking.  That was exciting to see!  I loved seeing their expressions when they felt him kick.  Priceless.  :) 

Today Ian and I got our glider for Max's room.  It's such a comfy chair!  Ian says it's his new video game chair, but I'm not falling for that one...at least not yet.  :)  So furniture wise, his room is done.  Now we just have to arrange everything, and then start with the decorating.  It's coming together so nicely! 

Max is growing and getting stronger. He's a mad man when it comes to him kicking.  For the past few hours he's been going nonstop! He's moving, kicking, punching away!  He has to be tired, but it doesn't feel like it!  Tomorrow I'm 27 weeks!  That means it's my last week in my 2nd trimester!  Then it's two down and one more to go!!  I think as much as Ian and I are ready for Max to get here, he's just as ready to be out of my belly!  Maybe he's moving so much because he's saying, "Let me out!"  Soon....


1 Kick=Yes,2 Kicks = No

25 weeks and counting :)

Week 25 was an active week for Max.  He seems to be moving around so much more these days and nights. :)  The other night around 9:00, Ian asked if Max was moving.  He had kicked a couple times, so I let Ian know he was moving.  Well, Ian started talking to him, and Max went CRAZY!  He was kicking up a storm.  Ian put his head on my belly and Max kicked him!  It was so funny.  We couldn't stop laughing.  It's like Max was responding to what Ian was saying.  One kick = yes, and 2 kicks = no.  I had to make Ian stop talking to him, so that he would calm down. 

I only have 4 days left of school.  I'm pretty excited about that!  I keep saying I'm ready to part ways with my kiddos, but really I think I'll miss them...at least a little bit.  We're then heading to New Mexico for my cousin, Breana's, graduation.  I'll finally get to see Jamie!  I can't wait to see her pregnant and share stories about what's been going on with our babies and bellies. 

I decided to teach summer school, so I have a couple days of training for that next week.  Then back to  work from June 2nd-30th, which won't be bad.  Let's see how I feel about it in a few weeks though! :)

Ian and I received some very exciting news from our sister, Nicole.  She gave me permission to share this on my blog.  Her and Cleo will be welcoming a baby GIRL in September!!  So Max not only will have Kaylee and Jaxson to play with, but now a Valentine as well!  We are so happy for them!  Ian and I are planning our next trip to Alaska so Max can meet his Auntie, Uncle, Jaden, the newbie cousin, and of course see his Mum-Mum and Pap-Pap.  We're talking about Christmas time....in Alaska....COLD!!! 



Ian surprised me with a quick trip to San Diego this past weekend!  We had a great time!  Our trip started off in Yuma where we stayed for the night.  We had dinner and watched Iron Man 2.  Max did not like that movie for one second.  It was way too loud and the poor guy was kicking nonstop. 

Our next destination was Sea World.  We had so much fun!  We of course saw Shamu.  I panicked a little because we were sitting in the "soak zone", but thankfully any water splashing that was going on was not aimed at our section.  We did a ton of walking, which my feet hated me for!

We stayed on Coronado Island.  It was a charming town that reminded be of Stars Hollow.  I loved it there, and wouldn't mind living there at all!!  On our last day we saw the USS Midway.  That was awesome, but then again we did so much WALKING, climbing and going down stairs!  Oh lordy was I tired after we left there.  All the tiredness and achy feet were so worth it though, because Ian and I had an amazing time. 

I also got my first Mother's Day Card.  :) It's for a mother to be, and it made me happy to think about all the Mother's Days I have to look forward to. 


Max's Room

Ian wouldn't let me paint without a mask, which was difficult...so I stuck to taping off the room pre-paint.  I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! 

           Max's Pack 'N Play...the coolest thing ever.  It plays music for when he's awake, going to sleep, nature sounds and vibrates.

THE crib...happens to be the one that Kat and Shiloh got for Kaylee!  Great minds think alike. :)

It's pretty exciting having his room painted and crib and pack 'n play up.  When I walk by or look down the hall and see the blue walls, I can't help but smile.  I almost wish we would have waited awhile longer to paint and everything because now I just want the little guy here!


Cribs, Changing Tables, and Pack 'N Plays Oh My!

Well Ian and I went shopping the other night and ended up buying Max his bedroom furniture.  We looked around and when we found the crib we liked, we knew it was "the one".  It's a convertible crib, which changes from crib-to toddler bed- to twin bed- to full bed, so he'll have it FOREVER.   Same with the changing table.  He'll be able to use that baby until he wants to buy his own furniture.  Once we put it together, we'll post some pictures!!  We also got him a Pack 'N Play, which I have to say is the coolest thing.  Ian picked it out because when he saw it, he knew it was "the one".  It has all sorts of functions that Max will enjoy!

I went to the doctors yesterday for the monthly visit.  Max is doing great, and his heart beat was stronger than ever.  It really is the best sound to hear.  Always puts a smile on my face.  :)  I told the doctor he's pretty active during the day and quiet at night, and he said it's usually the other way around.  Hopefully the routine Max has will continue when he joins us in this great big world.  Fingers crossed!

Today we're going to Kat's baby shower!  It's co-ed and for the boys they are having a poker game.  The buy in is a package of diapers.  Such a cute idea!  We're excited to share this with her and Shiloh.  I mean, our kiddos will grow up to be friends and could even get married!  Kaylee and Max...sounds good to me!  :) 

Until next blog, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!  17 weeks!!