Ian surprised me with a quick trip to San Diego this past weekend!  We had a great time!  Our trip started off in Yuma where we stayed for the night.  We had dinner and watched Iron Man 2.  Max did not like that movie for one second.  It was way too loud and the poor guy was kicking nonstop. 

Our next destination was Sea World.  We had so much fun!  We of course saw Shamu.  I panicked a little because we were sitting in the "soak zone", but thankfully any water splashing that was going on was not aimed at our section.  We did a ton of walking, which my feet hated me for!

We stayed on Coronado Island.  It was a charming town that reminded be of Stars Hollow.  I loved it there, and wouldn't mind living there at all!!  On our last day we saw the USS Midway.  That was awesome, but then again we did so much WALKING, climbing and going down stairs!  Oh lordy was I tired after we left there.  All the tiredness and achy feet were so worth it though, because Ian and I had an amazing time. 

I also got my first Mother's Day Card.  :) It's for a mother to be, and it made me happy to think about all the Mother's Days I have to look forward to. 

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