Belly Buddies

This past Saturday Max met his cousin Jax and they are already belly buddies!   So many play dates in the future!!   I have to admit it was hard to hear how easy Jamie's pregnancy has been for her.  Jealous! No matter how different our pregnancies, the outcome is the same. We're both waiting patiently for our little guys to get here! 

Uncle Antonio and Auntie Alicia also felt Max kicking.  That was exciting to see!  I loved seeing their expressions when they felt him kick.  Priceless.  :) 

Today Ian and I got our glider for Max's room.  It's such a comfy chair!  Ian says it's his new video game chair, but I'm not falling for that one...at least not yet.  :)  So furniture wise, his room is done.  Now we just have to arrange everything, and then start with the decorating.  It's coming together so nicely! 

Max is growing and getting stronger. He's a mad man when it comes to him kicking.  For the past few hours he's been going nonstop! He's moving, kicking, punching away!  He has to be tired, but it doesn't feel like it!  Tomorrow I'm 27 weeks!  That means it's my last week in my 2nd trimester!  Then it's two down and one more to go!!  I think as much as Ian and I are ready for Max to get here, he's just as ready to be out of my belly!  Maybe he's moving so much because he's saying, "Let me out!"  Soon....

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