Cribs, Changing Tables, and Pack 'N Plays Oh My!

Well Ian and I went shopping the other night and ended up buying Max his bedroom furniture.  We looked around and when we found the crib we liked, we knew it was "the one".  It's a convertible crib, which changes from crib-to toddler bed- to twin bed- to full bed, so he'll have it FOREVER.   Same with the changing table.  He'll be able to use that baby until he wants to buy his own furniture.  Once we put it together, we'll post some pictures!!  We also got him a Pack 'N Play, which I have to say is the coolest thing.  Ian picked it out because when he saw it, he knew it was "the one".  It has all sorts of functions that Max will enjoy!

I went to the doctors yesterday for the monthly visit.  Max is doing great, and his heart beat was stronger than ever.  It really is the best sound to hear.  Always puts a smile on my face.  :)  I told the doctor he's pretty active during the day and quiet at night, and he said it's usually the other way around.  Hopefully the routine Max has will continue when he joins us in this great big world.  Fingers crossed!

Today we're going to Kat's baby shower!  It's co-ed and for the boys they are having a poker game.  The buy in is a package of diapers.  Such a cute idea!  We're excited to share this with her and Shiloh.  I mean, our kiddos will grow up to be friends and could even get married!  Kaylee and Max...sounds good to me!  :) 

Until next blog, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!  17 weeks!!

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