Baby Shower

Kali, Jenn, and my lovely mom in the background.

This past weekend, Ian and I went to Las Cruces for my baby shower.  My mom did an amazing job!  From the cake to the games, it was a fun time!!  All ladies in the family, who could attend, were there.  My best friend from Colorado drove down with her mom, and Kali surprised me by showing up!  I was told she wasn't able to attend, but when I answered the door, there she was!  My friend Tanya also showed up to join in on the celebration. 

Before the shower I was nervous about the whole thing.  I really don't like being center of attention, and so the idea of everyone looking at me open gifts made me extremely nervous.  Weird? Maybe, but I don't like it! So my mom and I decided that the guests would play bingo while I was opening gifts, which took some of the attention off of me and put more on the gifts.  When I opened a gift I said what it was and if it was on their bingo card they marked it down.  I think there were some cheaters in the crowd, but it was a fun time! :)  We played about 5 games, and all were fun!  My little sister helped out a lot!

I also wanted the girls to decorate onsies for me.  There were 12 onsies that were decorated, and Max will wear one every month for a picture that shows how much he's grown.   They all turned out great, and I can't wait for Max to wear each one of them! 

Max is spoiled already and he's not even here yet!  His grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends gave him awesome gifts that he will get much use out of.  He has a fabulous stroller, that I am so excited to put him in and go for walks, a swing that will sway him to sleep, books that we will read to him every night, clothes that will keep him so stylish, baby soaps/lotions that will keep him smelling just like a baby, and so much more! 

I'm now 32 weeks!  32!  Only 8 weeks to go!  Ian and I have a prenatal care class tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited about it.  :)  It covers first bath for baby, changing diapers, swaddling, feeding, symptoms to look for when baby is sick, and other informative stuff.  Next week we start our birthing classes.  Umm...we'll see how those go.  I've heard there is a video that could possibly make me more freaked out about labor.  We shall see! 

Diaper cake my Auntie Cari made.

 Cake my mom had made for the shower...so yummy!

31 weeks in this picture.

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