Steelers shirts for Daddy and Max!

Ian's first Father's Day Card.

Today is all about Daddy!  Max may not be here yet, but Ian is already in daddy mode.  He has been working very hard this weekend getting Max's room painted. It's now light blue on top, and a darker blue on the bottom. (North Carolina colors) It's looking so good! He is so ready for Max to be here and is always telling him that he can come when ever he wants. Just seeing the way he talks to him in my belly and the things he's doing for him now, it's only a glimpse into how Ian is going to be as a dad, and it's pretty wonderful. I cannot wait to see him hold Max for the first time, or how he's going to react when he spits up on him for the first time! There are definitely going to be funny moments with Max and his daddy, and moments that will make me love Ian even more. Less than 10 weeks and Max gets to meet his daddy! I can't wait!

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