Needles, Shmeedles

Okay, so I stated yesterday that I wasn't worried about the shot that I was getting today.  I go to my appointment and when they call me back, I'm all smiles.  The lady who is about to poke/stab me is laughing because she thinks I'm excited about the shot.  I thought they were going to give me a shot in the arm.  Well...I go into the room and the shot is waiting for me on the counter.  There was a lot of medicine in the syringe...or whatever the thing is called.  The shot is not in my waiting arm, but in my hip.  I've never gotten a shot in my hip before, so I was a bit nervous, and the shot/medicine looked mean!  Plus the lady was way too excited to be poking me.  The poke/stab didn't hurt, but the medicine going in stung.  Really it wasn't that bad, but I'll have to get one with every child that I have.  Now I know what to expect though, and I will not make anymore comments about not being worried about needles.  Sheesh!  If this shot is getting such a reaction from me, I can't even imagine labor.... that freaks me out beyond words.  I have 12 weeks to get ready, but really are you ever ready?

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