Tick Tock

                   36 weeks                                          13 weeks...look at the change!       

I'm 36 weeks!  Yay!  After Sundays excitement I was still having contractions.  My mom took me back to the hospital on Tuesday.  I was having contractions, but I hadn't dilated or effaced any more, so they sent me home.  Big ole' BOO to that!  I was told to take it easy though, so that's what I'm doing.  Relaxing and waiting.... I feel like because we were so close to meeting Max on Sunday, all I want is for him to come!  I'm so impatient! 

I go back to work next week.  I cannot believe that the summer is already over.  It went by too fast, and I think teaching summer school helped with that.  My mom, Antonio, and Alicia finished setting up my room for me.  It looks really good, and I'm excited to be back in the class.  How long I get to be back in there is up to the little guy, but I hope I get to meet my new class. 

Tomorrow I have my weekly appointment with Dr. Suarez.  We'll see if there are any changes.  Ian and I also have our last birthing class!  Woohoo!  I guess after that class we'll be considered ready to parent our little man!  I think they even give us a certificate, so if anyone questions our parenting skills I'll pull out the certificate to show you proof!

Our friend Kat is due in a little over a week.  Wouldn't it be funny if Max and Kaylee were born on the same day?  It could happen! 

I'll leave you with this.  I read today that Max is the size of a watermelon.  Think about that......


Late Night, Early Morning

I guess Max does listen to me when I talk. :)  I've been telling him he can come when he wants, and yesterday he was ready!  I started having contractions around 6:50ish.  They were about 10-15 minutes apart, but not too bad. I've been having braxton hicks, so that's what I thought they were.  Around 10:25 they started to come a bit closer and they were more painful.  I was using all the techniques we've learned in birthing class: walking, breathing, using an exercise ball to rock on, swaying...you name it I tried it.  Oh and I was moaning, which then made me laugh because I thought of the video we watched.  I told Ian I was going to start yodeling!  I was getting frustrated because I didn't know what to do.  I've never been in labor before so I wasn't really sure.  All the other times I've had braxton hicks they hurt, but would eventually go away.  At midnight I was in tears 1) from the pain and 2) because nothing I was doing was helping.  Ian was awesome!  He was so calm.  We ventured to the hospital at midnight.  Carseat, diaper bag, and a bag for us in tow.  We were ready! 

We got to the hospital and once I checked in they put me in a wheelchair to take me to the maternity side of the hospital.  I can't remember if I've been in a wheelchair, but all I could think was, "They do this on the baby shows I watch!"  It was a bumpy ride that didn't help with the contractions.  When we finally got there, I waited about 10 minutes before they took me to the back.  When they did take me back, Ian had to stay in the waiting room until they got me situated.  He was entertained with the movie College Road Trip.  He said while he was waiting a woman came in and her water had broken.  Pregnant women were coming in nonstop!  Even when they dropped me off the guy said, "I have another one."  Anyways, back to the action! So I get hooked up to a monitor that keeps track of my contractions and one that tracks Max's heartbeat.  Again, I've seen it on a Baby Story so many times, I was excited.  Weird? I thought it was fun!  So my lovely nurse was asking a million questions as I'm "contracting up a storm" and it was hard to talk.  She checked me and I was still 1 1/2 - 2cm dilated, but I was now 70% effaced.  AND she felt Max's head!  He was so ready to come out and meet us!

When Ian came back we were both excited but a little scared...well at least I was a little scared.  Our plans of meeting Max were put on hold though.  Dr. Suarez wants me to wait until I'm 37 weeks before Max can come out and play.  Boo!!  I was disappointed.  I was given a shot of Terbutaline to stop my labor.  It's like a dose of adrenaline.  My heart was pounding so fast and hard I felt like it would beat out of my chest!  I was also shaking.  It was an awful feeling.  Lucky me though, I had to have a second shot because my contractions weren't stopping!  Finally at 5:00 am, Ian and I ventured back home with Max in the belly.  I'm not sure if he's going to wait until 37 weeks, but after last night I can tell you we are so ready for him to finally be here.  We were so close....1 week and 2 days.  :)


Let the Dilating Begin!

Well I'm 35 weeks, and three things have become more noticeable: I'm officially a waddler, getting up off the couch is now a process and takes time, and trying to get comfortable in bed has become a workout.  :)  Just means I'm that much closer to meeting my little guy!  I've been having braxton hick contractions a lot.  One night I thought I was going to have to wake up Ian and tell him to take me to the hospital!  Max was only teasing though.

Thursday I went to the eye doctor to check my eyes.  They dilated my eyes, which I just love oh so much.  Talk about being blinded by the light!  Good news though, my eyes were great and no inflammation what so ever!  Yay!  I don't have to go back to Dr. Bryan until October. 

That night we had our 3rd birthing class.  We learned about all the interventions that can be taken while in labor.  We saw the hook that is used to break a woman's water....not scary looking at all...we saw the epidural kit which included the needle!  YIKES!  We also toured the hospital.  Field Trip! To other people we had to look funny.  10 couples with very pregnant women walking around.  One more class to go!

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Suarez.  I was checked for dilation because I've been having a lot of contractions and feeling some pressure.  I am 1 1/2-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced!  I was pretty excited to hear that, and couldn't stop smiling.  I now will go to the doctor once a week!  Woohoo!!


Natural or Epidural...That is the Question

Class two of our Birthing Class was....well somewhat traumatizing.  We knew we were going to watch a video of a birth.  I saw my little brother being born, so I knew what to expect.  I couldn't wait for THE video, because I wanted to see Ian's reaction.  Let's just say it was a priceless moment.  Oh, but we didn't just have one video of a birth to watch.  Oh no! We watched another one where we were suppose to be focusing on how each woman was handling the contractions.  Some were moaning, some chanting, and one yodeling.  It's hard not to giggle because it's kind of weird to see.  In addition to all the different ways to get through contractions we saw about 5 other babies being born.  That was 5 too many births that we needed to see!! 

The last part of our class focused on relaxation techniques.  It was pretty much a massage session, and it was wonderful!!  Our labor nurse told us to do the techniques each night for about 20 minutes.  Heck yes!  You better believe I will hold Ian to that!

We left the class asking if we should go the natural route or have an epidural.  I've always thought that I'd go as long as I could and then bring on the epidural.  Ian said it's all mental.  If I tell myself I can do it, then I can do it.  Hmmm....I can do it.  I can do it.  I can do it?  Ian talked to his best friend and he said having an epidural isn't a bad thing.  He brought up the point that if I have one, then I'll at least enjoy the labor and not be in so much pain.  I'm with him!  I guess I feel like if I have an epidural then I'm taking the easy way out, and people always have their opinion on what you should do.  Really though, I'm the one who will be going through the pain, so in the end...I think I'm sticking to my original plan.  I'll go as long as I can with no epidural.  If it's all the way, then high five to me.  If it's only to 4 cm and then I'm yelling for that epidural, then who cares?  Max certainly won't.  :) 

We have two more classes left.  Next week we get to tour the hospital, which I'm excited about.  I don't really care for hospitals, but in this case it's going to be for a great reason.  It really feels like just yesterday I was typing my first blog about the little one, who was only a little flutter.  :)  Now the little one is Max who isn't so little.  Well at least doesn't feel so little!  He's still an active kiddo.  A kick in the ribs is a daily routine for him.  11 days until he can come when he wants!  Cross your fingers and say some prayers that he comes before his due date and not after! 


All Things Max!

Thought I would post some pictures of Max's room, and his cool gear that he got from both sets of grandparents.  :)

Max's crib is just waiting for him to sleep in!

His changing table where I'm sure we will have....surprises!

Adorable hamper for his adorable clothes.

The stroller Grandpa and Grandma got for Max. 
I can't wait to take him for walks!

The swing Pap-Pap and Mum-Mum got for our little guy.
This will definitely sway him to sleep. :)

Breathing, Moaning and Chanting

34 weeks

Last Thursday was a busy day for Max and me.  We went to a doctor appointment to check on the little guy.  My brother and sister were able to join in on the adventure.  The doctor measured my bump, which was right on the dot where it needs to be.  Then we listened to his heartbeat.  It was a pretty cool experience to listen to the little thumps with my brother and sister.  The doctor also checked his position, and he's still in the head down, I'm ready to enter the world, position.  She told me we want 2 weeks of quietness, and then he can come when he wants!

That night Ian and I went to our first Birthing Class.  There were about 10 other couples, and one of them had the same due date as me.  Max and that kid could be friends!  The class itself was interesting. We watched a video about how a woman's body changes through pregnancy. Then we watched a video on relaxation techniques when in labor.   We saw women breathing, moaning and chanting.  Let's just say it was a funny moment with Ian.  He asked me, "Are you going to moan and chant?"  Maybe I will just to freak him out.  :)

Time with my family has been great.  I love having them here.  We ventured into my classroom to get it set up before school starts.  When we got there I found out there was no AC in the classrooms.  A pregnant woman with no AC?!  Umm no!  I lasted about 20 minutes before I threw in the towel.  I plan on going back, but I'll have to take a fan with me.  My mom said she'd come back to help when the AC is on, but I'm hoping the reason they come back is because Max has planned to make his debut!

Max and I have been having a little chat daily.  I let him know what the doctors said about the quietness for the next two weeks, but after that I told him he can come when he wants.  Preferably the day after I'm 36 weeks!  We'll see if he listens to his mommy!


Information Overload

32 weeks

Ian and I went to our prenatal class on Wednesday, along with  34 other couples.  I've never seen so many pregnant women in one room!  Thankfully no one went into labor! Our class was from 6 to 9 and there was A LOT of information given.  Oh and the handouts!  I can't even imagine  how many trees they killed to make all those handouts! 

We had to take a doll to the class.  A doll??  We're having a boy, so it's not like we had dolls laying around the house.  I found this out on Monday, and our class was Wednesday.  I thought I was going to have to go buy one!  Luckily, on Monday afternoon there was a package waiting for us on our doorstep.  Ian's mom had sent down blankets that were Ian's growing up.  At the bottom of the box.....a cabbage patch kid!!  We had our doll for the class.  It was prefect timing.  :)

Our doll met his long lost twin at the class as well.  It was kind of funny.  We gave our "kid" a bath, diapered, dressed and swaddled.  We also learned CPR, which kind of freaked me out.  I'm glad we know how to do it, but I pray we never have to!   We also learned what to do if your baby chokes.  I just felt like we were being so rough, and it was only with a doll....

I'm glad we took the class, because I think we both learned a lot. I think once Max is here though, that's when the learning begins.  It's like teaching...I was in school for 4 years being told this is what to do, this is what to expect, but I didn't get the real understanding of teaching until I was in the classroom actually teaching.  People can tell Ian and I what to do, what to expect, do it this way, but we'll learn for ourselves and what works for us when Max blesses us with his presence.