Breathing, Moaning and Chanting

34 weeks

Last Thursday was a busy day for Max and me.  We went to a doctor appointment to check on the little guy.  My brother and sister were able to join in on the adventure.  The doctor measured my bump, which was right on the dot where it needs to be.  Then we listened to his heartbeat.  It was a pretty cool experience to listen to the little thumps with my brother and sister.  The doctor also checked his position, and he's still in the head down, I'm ready to enter the world, position.  She told me we want 2 weeks of quietness, and then he can come when he wants!

That night Ian and I went to our first Birthing Class.  There were about 10 other couples, and one of them had the same due date as me.  Max and that kid could be friends!  The class itself was interesting. We watched a video about how a woman's body changes through pregnancy. Then we watched a video on relaxation techniques when in labor.   We saw women breathing, moaning and chanting.  Let's just say it was a funny moment with Ian.  He asked me, "Are you going to moan and chant?"  Maybe I will just to freak him out.  :)

Time with my family has been great.  I love having them here.  We ventured into my classroom to get it set up before school starts.  When we got there I found out there was no AC in the classrooms.  A pregnant woman with no AC?!  Umm no!  I lasted about 20 minutes before I threw in the towel.  I plan on going back, but I'll have to take a fan with me.  My mom said she'd come back to help when the AC is on, but I'm hoping the reason they come back is because Max has planned to make his debut!

Max and I have been having a little chat daily.  I let him know what the doctors said about the quietness for the next two weeks, but after that I told him he can come when he wants.  Preferably the day after I'm 36 weeks!  We'll see if he listens to his mommy!

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