Natural or Epidural...That is the Question

Class two of our Birthing Class was....well somewhat traumatizing.  We knew we were going to watch a video of a birth.  I saw my little brother being born, so I knew what to expect.  I couldn't wait for THE video, because I wanted to see Ian's reaction.  Let's just say it was a priceless moment.  Oh, but we didn't just have one video of a birth to watch.  Oh no! We watched another one where we were suppose to be focusing on how each woman was handling the contractions.  Some were moaning, some chanting, and one yodeling.  It's hard not to giggle because it's kind of weird to see.  In addition to all the different ways to get through contractions we saw about 5 other babies being born.  That was 5 too many births that we needed to see!! 

The last part of our class focused on relaxation techniques.  It was pretty much a massage session, and it was wonderful!!  Our labor nurse told us to do the techniques each night for about 20 minutes.  Heck yes!  You better believe I will hold Ian to that!

We left the class asking if we should go the natural route or have an epidural.  I've always thought that I'd go as long as I could and then bring on the epidural.  Ian said it's all mental.  If I tell myself I can do it, then I can do it.  Hmmm....I can do it.  I can do it.  I can do it?  Ian talked to his best friend and he said having an epidural isn't a bad thing.  He brought up the point that if I have one, then I'll at least enjoy the labor and not be in so much pain.  I'm with him!  I guess I feel like if I have an epidural then I'm taking the easy way out, and people always have their opinion on what you should do.  Really though, I'm the one who will be going through the pain, so in the end...I think I'm sticking to my original plan.  I'll go as long as I can with no epidural.  If it's all the way, then high five to me.  If it's only to 4 cm and then I'm yelling for that epidural, then who cares?  Max certainly won't.  :) 

We have two more classes left.  Next week we get to tour the hospital, which I'm excited about.  I don't really care for hospitals, but in this case it's going to be for a great reason.  It really feels like just yesterday I was typing my first blog about the little one, who was only a little flutter.  :)  Now the little one is Max who isn't so little.  Well at least doesn't feel so little!  He's still an active kiddo.  A kick in the ribs is a daily routine for him.  11 days until he can come when he wants!  Cross your fingers and say some prayers that he comes before his due date and not after! 

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