39 weeks, 2 days, and STILL Pregnant

Oh how I use to love to say, "I'm ____ weeks pregnant!"  That love is slowly fading.  I don't want to say it anymore!  I want to say, "It's time!" or even better "Max is here!"   I've been having contractions here and there.  Today they were pretty consistent.  Every 10 minutes, but they wouldn't get worse.  Isn't it crazy that I want them to get worse?   Bring on the pain! I'm ready!

I went to my doctor appointment today.  They took me late so I guess I should have known things weren't going to go in my favor.  I was checked, which is not my most favorite thing in the world to have done to me, and I'm 4cm and 80% effaced.   Tomorrow I'll get a phone call letting me know what day next week I'll be induced...that is if he doesn't come this weekend.  I'd rather him come when he's ready, but at the same time I'm ready!

To be continued........

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