38 weeks

This week has gone by so fast!  On Monday the kiddos started school.  I started the week off with 33 kiddos, and now I'm at 31.  I know, it sounds like a lot of kiddos in one room, and at times it feels like it, but really this class isn't too bad....yet. :)  I have some chatters, but if that's the worse they are going to do, I'll take it!!  We're actually going to get another 3rd grade teacher, so my class size will go down.  It's nice to know that we're getting a new teacher, but at the same time I like my kiddos.  We'll see what happens!  I do have a few kiddos who are very interested in Max.  One little girl keeps asking if she can touch my belly, but it's always at times where she should be doing something else, like going to Music.  It's cute, and I'm impressed that she's even asking permission.  Everyone else just touches!    My kiddos did tell our Music teacher, Mrs. Hann, that Max was kicking me, and she thought our head custodian, Max, was kicking me! Haha...it was too funny. 

At the end of every day my feet hate me.  I've been wearing shoes because my flip flops don't quite fit when my fit swell.  I can hardly wait until I can wear my shoes without being in pain!  10 days or less!!!!  Well I guess it could be 10 days or more, but we're hoping with less days.  :)

I went to my weekly appointment on Thursday.  I saw Kim, the nurse practitioner, who is so very nice.  I really like her.  She checked me and said I was still 3 cm, but she could stretch me to 4....umm I didn't like the way that sounded.  Please don't stretch me!  Eek!  I was still 75% effaced.  So she brings up casually that she can strip my membrane.  Now remember, Dr. Suarez mentioned doing this at my appointment when I'm 39 weeks, so I wasn't expecting to hear this.  I let her know that I was scared it would hurt....yes I'm worried about that and I know labor will be worse, but at that moment I wasn't in labor....so stripping my membrane sounded more painful at the time.  She said she could try it and if it hurts she would stop.  I won't go into detail at what the procedure is, but it happened so quick and I didn't have time to tell her to stop.  It did hurt though, but after I felt so brave. :)  Aww the little things that make me feel brave.  Wait till labor right?    Anyways, with doing the procedure I had a 50% chance of going into labor within the next 24 hours.  We waited, waited, and waited.  NOTHING!  Boo!! 

At 35 weeks and 5 days, he was ready, but the Dr. Suarez said no.....so now that everyone wants him to come, he's letting us know that we had our chance, and now we'll have to wait until he's ready!  Oh my little boy is so stubborn.  :)

We do have one more person waiting for Max to make his debut.  On Tuesday at 7:46 pm, his friend, Kaylee Madison, came into the world!!!  We can't wait for these two to meet!  10 days or LESS!! 

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