Angry Pregnant Woman

I'm 37 weeks and 1 day!!  Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Suarez, so we'll see if there has been any change.  I'm crossing my fingers there has been some progress!

I'm back at work....sadly.  The week before I wasn't really on my feet, because the doctor told me to take it easy.  Being back at work my classroom isn't the closest to the library (where our meeting are held) or the work room.  Not that I've ever really considered it far, but now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, the places I have to walk seem like miles away!!  At the end of the day my poor feet are swollen like no other! I really think they double in size! 

It's really nice to see everyone, but seeing everyone after two months away comes the comment, "You're big!"  Ohhh I really love when they add in a so..."You're so big!"  That's awesome.  I'm towards the end of my pregnancy people.  There is a child growing in me....ummm what do you expect?  It makes me feel like a hot air balloon or something.   I guess you can tell it makes me a little angry? :)  I just don't think it's nice to tell a pregnant women, who already feels ginormous, that she's big.  Nope, doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and happy to see you. 

I think I need to prepare myself for the students though.  They certainly don't filter what comes out of their mouths.  Tomorrow night is Meet the Teacher Night, so I'll get to meet my little kiddos for the first time as 3rd graders.  They are so cute when they come in.  Of course, I'm sure the cuteness will fade quickly, but hopefully I'll be on maternity leave when that happens. :)

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