APW Part 2

So the past couple days at work I've had co-workers say the following to me: 

1.) You're breathing like Bandit.......Bandit is a friend's dog. 
2.) I'm fat....always a pleasure to hear.
3.) Cheeks...my personal favorite.
4.) I need to dye my hair. 

Who would have thought that being 37 weeks pregnant means that you would become a walking punch line? 

1.)  Being that Max has grown and is the size of a watermelon, you can imagine what it's doing to all my organs.  My lungs are smushed, so breathing is a bit difficult.  Do I realize I'm breathing hard? No.  Do I need to be compared to a dog?  Do I even need to ask that question?

2.)  Really there are no words for this.  Being called big is one thing, but fat....really?   Can you say rude?  I would say something much worse, but my brother reads this, and it's not appropriate for him to read such words. 

3.) Cheeks....aww my favorite.  Not so much!  I even said that was a mean thing to say, and I was called it again! 

4.)  Okay....white hair is something that happens as you age.  Yes, I have white hair.  Shocker right?!  So dying my hair isn't a priority right now, but thanks for pointing it out. 

I guess being called big isn't so bad after all....never thought I'd say that.

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  1. Anonymous8/07/2010

    I got mentioned!!!!!! :) nyuk, nyuk, nyuk