Let There Be Progress!!

37 weeks!  Does it look like I lean forward? Haha!

Now for a happier blog! :)

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday, and I went in telling myself there would be no change in my dilation, because I didn't want to get my hopes up. Well, I was checked and I'm now dilated to 3cm and 75% effaced!!! Woohoo!! I was all smiles after that. Dr. Saurez told me that if I haven't had Max by 39 weeks, at that weeks appointment he could strip my membrane to get the labor process started. Ummm....strip my membrane? That just sounds painful. So I asked him if it hurts. His response is, "It's not excruciating, but it's uncomfortable." After asking him though, I thought how the heck would he know how it feels. He's a man who has never experienced it himself. IF I make it to 39 weeks and Max isn't here yet, then maybe I'll consider it, maybe. 

Last night was Meet the Teacher Night. I met 20 of my 28 kiddos. 28 so far, but I think I'll be at 30 on Monday. They were so adorable!! All the parents seemed to want to be involved as well, so that's always good. I had quite a few of my kiddos from last year come visit me. One girl pointed out how big my belly is, and then called her mom over to show her. I had to laugh at that.   One of my new students asked if I was having a boy or girl, and when I told her I'm having a boy she said, "Boys are icky."  Guess I can't please everyone. :) 

Today our nephew, Jaden, sang Itsy Bitsy Spider to Max.  It was so adorable.  Jbo's excited to meet his cousin, which he'll be able to do in December when Ian and I go to Alaska for Christmas!  We bought our tickets this week!  I have no idea how I'll handle the weather....eek!

Next appointment is Thursday, so I'll update after that...or if anything exciting happens!

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