Adventures in Mommyhood

Well I have been a mommy for 13 days.  For the first 9 days though, my mom was here to help, so I've only been on my own for 4 days.  Having my mom here was wonderful!  When she left, I called her on Monday and asked her to come back!  :)  It's just so nice to have the support here during the day, and to make sure I'm doing everything okay....and to let me take the occasional nap.  I haven't taken a nap now that it's just me and Max during the day while Ian is at work.  I'd rather just watch him sleep. He's such a cutie! 

Some things we've learned about Max:
  • He hates being cold!  Get him ready for a bath and he'll scream bloody murder!
  • He hates baths!  When Ian and I gave him his first bath by ourselves, it was traumatizing.  Poor little man was crying/screaming/holding his breath.  It was the fastest bath known to man!
  • He hates getting his diaper changed, and if he's really mad about it, he just might pee on us!  He has peed all over his wall and changing table a few times!  We have to have faster reflexes when it comes to his surprise pee attacks!
  • He is a burping master.  At first he had trouble with burping, but now, oh lordy!  He burps loud and proud!
  • He loves his car seat.
  • He is perfect. <3

We went to the doctor today, and he said Max was doing fantastic!  Max is now 9 lbs!  We don't have to go back until his 2 month appointment.   Yay!! 

Both Max and I are looking forward to the next 4 days, because Ian has a 4 day weekend.  I'm not sure what we'll do, but I'm sure there won't be a dull moment.  :)  Next week we're going to Las Cruces!  First long car ride for our little man.  We'll see how that goes......

Silly faces :)

Why did you wake me up?

So fresh and so clean after one of his traumatizing baths!

Ready to see the doctor!

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  1. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Max looks like a million bucks with his hair combed over after his bath!!