The Facts of Max

Last weekend we went to Las Cruces.  I was super nervous to take such a long car ride with Max.  A bunch of "What ifs" ran through my head, especially "What if he cries the entire drive?"   Before we even hit the road this car trip was all about Max.  :)  Packing for him...oh goodness he got his own suitcase!  I didn't exactly know what he would need.  I basically packed all of his newborn clothing!  You would have thought we were going somewhere for a month, let alone 2 days!

As our trip started Max and I were in the backseat and Ian was our driver.  :)  I sat in the back because....I didn't want the little guy to be by himself for the drive, and I wanted to make sure he was okay.  He was absolutely FINE the entire drive.  He slept, and when his eyes closed I fell asleep!  Hey, I have to sleep when I can.  When going to LC, Ian and I usually stop once for about 10 minutes and then hit the road again.  With Max it wasn't so quick.  Our one stop turned into 3 stops.  Our stops were also no longer 10 minutes, but about 20-30 mins.  Oh how things have changed.  Our little guy did so well though!  He slept for most of the way, but was wide awake for about an hour and a half. 

Being back in Las Cruces was great.  Max got to see his grandparents, aunt and uncle.  He also saw the rest of the Tenorio Clan.  He's the baby of the family for a short while.  Within the next week or so Jaxson will be making his big debut! 

Max is growing and changing every day.  His hair is out of control after he's taken a good nap.  It reminds me of the hair on Nick Nolte's mug shot.  Haha!  If you don't know what I'm taking about, google it!  He's still in his newborn clothes, but I think maybe by next week he'll be in the 0-3 month clothes.  He smiles, which is adorable.  He cries tears now, which is heartbreaking.  He's beginning to like baths, as long as he stays warm.  If you take out his bottle before he's done eating he'll growl/grunt at you.  I love this little boy so much!  I dread the day I have to go back to work.....

Dear Time,
Please slow down.  Drag on. 

Max's Mom

Next week is a big week.  1.) Max will be ONE MONTH! 2.) Mum-mum and Pap-pap come to visit on Tuesday! 3.) Max will be introduced to hockey.   Tons of pictures will be taken within the next two weeks! 

Really Mom?  In my robe?

Big stretch in big boy clothes.

Don't mess with my hair.

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