Little Sports Fan

Max is ONE MONTH old!!!!  He's growing so fast!  He smiles so much more now and holds his head up.  He's still a bit of a bobble head, but his little neck is getting stronger! 

Onesie by Auntie Alicia

Max is becoming a sports fan whether he likes it or not.  :)  In the past few weeks he has watched 3 Steelers games, gone to two Coyotes games, and watched his daddy play in a softball game.  He LOVED the hockey games....well the first one he slept through, but the second one he was awake for 2 of the 3 periods.  He also watched the softball game, which was cute to see.  He sat happily on my lap, until he peed on me.  Never a dull moment with Max!  I'm not sure how he feels about football yet, but he looks adorable in his Steelers cap. 

Go Yotes!!

Here we go Steelers, He we go!

Max is also spending time with his Pap-pap and Mum-mum.  His Pap-pap loves feeding him, but when bottles are taken out of his mouth he'll let you know he's still hungry!  Don't mess with Max's food! :) 
Mum-mum quiets him down when he's fussy, and likes to play and talk to her.  It's a sight to see. 

Our visit is now taking us to Flagstaff....more pictures and stories to come!!

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