Coos and Smiles

Well goodness it feels like FOREVER since I've posted a blog.  A lot has happened in the past couple weeks.  I started work again.  BOO!  Really it's not that bad being back.  Of course I would much rather spend my day with Max.  Max officially is in daycare.  Oh lordy was that hard!  I was a crying mess the Sunday before, his first Monday, and I shed a few tears that Tuesday.  Since then, picking him up is the best time of day!!

Max is making more coos and other baby talk more than ever.  He's smiling so much, and I'm pretty sure he'll be laughing soon.  He had his 2 month appointment.  Umm...seeing Ian hold his arms down while the nurse lady poked him with needles was a sight I didn't like to see.  It's terrible seeing your baby in pain.  He ended up getting a fever afterwards, and I just felt so bad for him.  Luckily he was better the next day.  He was a happy baby at daycare.  :)  Our little man isn't so little.  He weighs 13 lbs and is 24 1/2 in. long.  He's growing so fast!!!

Tonight is the annual Beachy Bash and we'll be dressing up Max in his first costume!!  Hopefully he likes his costume as much as we like it.  I bet when he's older and we show him the pictures he's going to be embarrassed or mad at us. Hmm...oh well. :) 

First day of daycare ....:(

Max was a happy baby!

2 months!

Daddy's Little Monster <3

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