Gobble Gobble

Well Max had his 1st Thanksgiving!!  He was up bright and early yesterday at 5:00.  Thankfully my dad was up a little later and let me go back to sleep for awhile.  We went to my Grandma Grace's for our feast, and of course Max fell asleep right before we got there.  This kid sleeps through important events: meeting Kaylee for the first time, first official hockey game where he met Kaylee for the 2nd time, etc.  So we get to my Grandma's and everyone wants to see him, but they had to look and not touch.  We wanted him to sleep because we knew he wouldn't for the rest of the day.  

Most of the Tenorio Clan was there to enjoy the feast.  My Aunt Trish took pictures of Max and Jax.  Super cute!  Max was in a Santa hat, and Jax had reindeer antlers and a red nose.  At first Max didn't care for his picture to be taken, and daddy swooped in to rescue him.  Once he ate he was ready for his time in front of the camera.  There were some adorable Steelers pictures taken. 

With most of the family there, Jax and Max were the hit of the party.  They got passed around like hot potatoes.  It's funny what people do to make babies laugh.  They have to be thinking how crazy we are, and maybe that's why they laugh.  I had Jax full of smiles and getting so excited!!  Gosh, that little guy is just too cute!!  I can't wait until both Max and Jax are old enough to walk around and play with one another.  :)

We got home around 7:30 and Max was out for the night.  He was up this morning at 3:30, and for a second I thought maybe I would go out and venture into the craziness of shopping.  Eh, that thought went away quick!  I'm sure once Max is old enough to want things that require me to go out on Black Friday, I will turn into one of those crazy people.  Until then I will enjoy sleeping in and staying warm.


3 Months...and 2 Days!

Man oh man I cannot believe our baby boy is 3 months!!   He's wearing his onesie that his cousin, Bekah, decorated at my baby shower.  Looking back at his newborn pictures, he has grown so much!! 

This weekend I went to Target and bought Max a new toy.  It's a 3 in one toy that he can lay on his back and play with toys that hang down.  He can do tummy time on it, and it also turns into a tunnel that he can play with once he knows how to crawl.  So cute!!  He loves it too, which is nice because it keeps him busy for awhile here and there.  Saturday we put him on his belly and he rolled over!!  It happened so fast, it caught us off guard.  We tried to record him doing it again, but he wasn't having it. 

So over the past couple weeks I was sick, Max was sick, and now Ian is sick.  It is not fun!!  Moms don't get sick days.  When I was younger and my Mom was sick, she always took care of me even though she wasn't feeling well.  I don't know how she did it, because all I wanted to do was sleep, and I couldn't.  I never realized all she did for me when she was sick, and it makes you stop and think.  Thanks Mom for always taking care of me when you needed someone to take care of you while you were sick.  :)  I think next time I'm sick, I'll pay for my Mom to come take care of me. ;) Haha...just kidding!  That really isn't a bad idea though.....

Wednesday we go to Las Cruces for Thanksgiving.  We'll see how Max does this car trip.  I bought a cd with kid songs, so I think we'll be playing that some of the way.  Goodbye Eminem/Kanye cds, hello lullabies! Max does like Taylor Swift though, so at least I can listen to music I like.  Shoot, I had him trained liking my kind of music before he came into this world.  Hmm....I don't think Ian would like him listening to NSYNC's Christmas cd...he'll never know. I know Max won't tell him!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  If you're traveling, be safe!

Months of Max...so far.

My newborn baby :)
1 month old!!
2 months!!
3 months!!


Just Like Daddy

You want me to look where?
I'm dressed just like daddy! 
Doesn't he look like a tough guy? 
I love you thissss much! 
Our little burrito. :)

Sleepy Max

Max has been in daycare going on 4 weeks.  He's adjusted just fine, and is a happy baby when I pick him up. I love walking in to get him and he's all smiles.  He's usually full of baby chatter too and will talk all the way home.  It's adorable. Yesterday I picked him up and he was napping.  When we got home he was awake for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep at 4ish.  He woke up once to eat and then slept until 4 this morning!!!  I kept waking up last night to check on him.  He must have been sleepy.  I have a feeling tonight's going to be the same.  He only took one nap at daycare today, and he is sound asleep as I type this blog.  He snores just like his daddy.  :) 

This weekend we met up and had lunch with friends that we hadn't seen in a year.  Boy were they in for a surprise.  We hadn't told them about Max.  I thought the whole situation would go one of two ways.  1.) They were going to be hurt we hadn't told them about new addition, or 2.) Happy to meet the little guy.  Turns out they were very excited to meet our little guy, and if they were upset they masked their feelings well.  We went to a Crafts Fair and walked around.  We bought our first family ornament!!  We had many comments about how adorably cute Max is...as if we didn't know. ;)  One lovely and very old lady told me that he looked like he's 6 months.  Geez when I was pregnant I heard over and over again how big I was, and now we keep hearing how big Max is.  He's 25 1/2 inches long.  Is he big for his age....I don't know, maybe.  It's hard not to let it get to you though when that's the first thing out of people's mouths.  Max is a healthy, almost 3 month old.  End of story.

A big moment in Max's weekend was meeting his cousin Jaxon!!  We've been waiting for this moment since Jax was born!  It was worth the wait.  Jax is so adorably cute!!  I was excited to hold him and see that cute face in person.  He peed on me.  :)  I think that means he likes me!  We are looking forward to seeing Jax and his proud parents for Thanksgiving when we go to Las Cruces to spend it with my family.  I think Jax and Max will be the hit at Thanksgiving dinner.  :)

Now for some pictures!

Sports fan.

<3 this outfit!

My boys drinking from their bottles.


You want me to paint what?

Ta da!!

I'm a mess!