Sleepy Max

Max has been in daycare going on 4 weeks.  He's adjusted just fine, and is a happy baby when I pick him up. I love walking in to get him and he's all smiles.  He's usually full of baby chatter too and will talk all the way home.  It's adorable. Yesterday I picked him up and he was napping.  When we got home he was awake for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep at 4ish.  He woke up once to eat and then slept until 4 this morning!!!  I kept waking up last night to check on him.  He must have been sleepy.  I have a feeling tonight's going to be the same.  He only took one nap at daycare today, and he is sound asleep as I type this blog.  He snores just like his daddy.  :) 

This weekend we met up and had lunch with friends that we hadn't seen in a year.  Boy were they in for a surprise.  We hadn't told them about Max.  I thought the whole situation would go one of two ways.  1.) They were going to be hurt we hadn't told them about new addition, or 2.) Happy to meet the little guy.  Turns out they were very excited to meet our little guy, and if they were upset they masked their feelings well.  We went to a Crafts Fair and walked around.  We bought our first family ornament!!  We had many comments about how adorably cute Max is...as if we didn't know. ;)  One lovely and very old lady told me that he looked like he's 6 months.  Geez when I was pregnant I heard over and over again how big I was, and now we keep hearing how big Max is.  He's 25 1/2 inches long.  Is he big for his age....I don't know, maybe.  It's hard not to let it get to you though when that's the first thing out of people's mouths.  Max is a healthy, almost 3 month old.  End of story.

A big moment in Max's weekend was meeting his cousin Jaxon!!  We've been waiting for this moment since Jax was born!  It was worth the wait.  Jax is so adorably cute!!  I was excited to hold him and see that cute face in person.  He peed on me.  :)  I think that means he likes me!  We are looking forward to seeing Jax and his proud parents for Thanksgiving when we go to Las Cruces to spend it with my family.  I think Jax and Max will be the hit at Thanksgiving dinner.  :)

Now for some pictures!

Sports fan.

<3 this outfit!

My boys drinking from their bottles.


You want me to paint what?

Ta da!!

I'm a mess!

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