AK Bound

Today is the day!!!  At 5:00 pm, we will be flying to Alaska!!  Are we ready for the -30 degree weather?  Umm not so much!  We are so very excited to see Pap-pap, Mum-mum, Nicole, Cleo, Jaden and Amaya!!  It's Max's first plane ride, so I'm a little nervous.  He's a really good kid though, so we're hoping he'll just be his happy ole' self. 

I've spent this past week getting this ready for our big trip.  I bought Max a few thermal one pieces, which are so flippin' cute!  Our baby boy will be warm and cozy the whole time we're there!!  He's my little heater, so he'll be keeping me warm.  :)

As excited as I am to spend Christmas in Alaska, I'm sad to not be spending it with my family.  It's our first Christmas apart.  :(  My family on my Mom's side is all going to Vaughn to surprise my Gramma Molly.  I think we'll be the only ones not there, and she hasn't met Max yet.   Sad, sad. 

I won't be posting pictures or updating until we get back home. 

Merry Christmas!!!!
Ian, Jennifer and Max

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