'Tis the Season of Sickness

Sickness is going around our family and it won't go away!!!  Max has had a cough that won't go away, and he got pink eye!!  My poor baby!  He's a little trooper when it comes to putting the drops in his eye.  They sting, so at first he cried like a mad man, but now he's such a big boy with no tears. 

We went to Radio City Christmas Spectacular a couple weeks ago.  We figured Max would like it because of the singing and the bright colors.  We were there maybe 5 minutes and he fell asleep!  It was an amazing show though!  This past Thursday we went to my school's Christmas Concert.  When the choir was singing he fell right to sleep, but when the band played....well let's just say it scared him.  He's not a fan of that type of music. 

This Monday we have Ian's Christmas Party.  The party is for all Coyote employees, which includes the Coyote players.  So little man will be on the ice with the hockey players!  We're excited to put him on the ice, especially Ian.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

We leave for Alaska in 6 days!!!  I've checked the weather and we'll be leaving 70 degree weather and going to -12 degrees!!! 

Max moments:

Oreo checking out his competition.
Look at my outfit!
Sleeping with my mittens because I scratched my face. :(
Max is long enough to touch both sides of his pack n' play.
Looking scared while sitting by himself.
That's the smile we were looking for!
Standing around. 
I love my daddy!!

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