Half Birthday

Max is now a half year old!  Can you believe it?!  He's not a little baby anymore that's for sure!    It has been the best 6 months that Ian and I could ask for.  Max is such a blessing and EVERYDAY is amazing with our boy.

Max Facts:
-He can officially sit in a highchair.  We went out to dinner with my parents over the weekend and he sat in his first highchair.  It was so cute to see.  There was another baby in the restaurant any they were both checking each other out. 
-He can sit by himself for awhile.  This is developing more and more each day.  We'll sit him up with his boppy behind him, or I'll sit behind him.  Just this morning he pulled himself up and was sitting by himself in bed. 
-He has tantrums like you wouldn't believe.  Actually they aren't too bad, knock on wood, but he definitely has a fit when he doesn't want something done or wants his bottle. 
-He hates getting dressed.  This is something new, and makes getting him dressed a challenge. 
-He rolls onto his tummy every time you set him down, so leaving him on his changing table can no longer happen.  He'll roll right off!

Today Max has his 6 month appointment, which means shots.  Boo!!  I don't like these kinds of appointments, and I know Max doesn't.  This coming Sunday we'll be going to our first Spring Training game.  Ian is so excited about this, and sharing this moment with Max.  :)
Look at what I can do with my Grandpa! 
I <3 my Grandma!! 
I'm sitting in a highchair! 
I'm sitting like a big boy playing with my toys! 
I'm 6 months!!!!


Swinging Around

Well...turns out our little man has a bad case of pink eye.  Doesn't sound bad?  Oh let me tell you it IS!  It's not in one but BOTH eyes.  I picked him up from daycare yesterday and they mentioned for me to look at his eyes because it looks like he has pink eye.  When I looked though, his eyes weren't bad looking at all.  So he fell asleep on our way home.  I let him sleep and was getting ready for the hockey game.  When I took him out of his seat to change him, he started crying.  He was trying to open his eyes, but couldn't because they were swollen and gooped shut! Oh I felt terrible.  I put a warm washcloth on his eyes, but he was so mad.  I tried calling the pediatrician, but I was on hold for about 10 minutes and no one ever came to the phone, so Ian told me to just take him to Urgent Care. 

Urgent Care....really it seems like it's not so urgent there.  We waited for 2 1/2 hours to be seen by the doc for about 5 minutes.  Ridiculous!  He gave us the meds we needed though, and told me Max couldn't go to daycare for 2 days. 

I took today off, and Ian's taking off tomorrow.  Max's eyes are looking so much better!  They aren't swollen anymore.  Putting the drops in his eyes is a challenge though!!  He's still a happy boy, which has made our day fun!  We went to the park by our house and he went for a swing.  It was cute, and he loved it!  He dropped his pacifier out of his mouth with shock when I gave him a little push.  When I went to take him out of the swing he even started to whine.  Uh-oh I had a glimpse at what it's going to be like when he's on one of the rides in the middle of the mall.  :)

I'm holding on for dear life!

Exhausted...but wouldn't let go of his toy!

Oh!  He's also learned to scoot himself around on the floor!  We have wood floors, so it's more like sliding.  One minute he's one place, the next he's in the middle of his toys!  We'll have to get it on video!


Happy Valentine's Day

Our first Valentine's Day card from our little guy. <3


What Happens in Vegas......

I have to say our trip to Vegas was a GREAT time!  Max was once again a wonderful little traveler.  We got into Vegas early Sunday morning.  Max and I went to bed while Ian went to gamble a little.  We needed our sleep because Sunday was a big day of us!

We stayed at the Bellagio, which was AMAZING!  The room was beautiful and the bed was so cozy.  Max even had his own snazzy crib brought up for him.  While there we checked out their botanical garden.  It was decorated for the Chinese New Year, and was so pretty.  Max wanted to touch all the flowers! 

Max finally met Kali!!!  I was so excited to see her, because I hadn't seen her since my baby shower.  Max took to her right away, and loved being held by her.  It was too cute!  He was a little stud that day because he was dressed in his Steeler gear.  People stopped to take his picture and there were many "awwwws".  At one point though I was with Max by myself and a Packers fan told me what I was doing to him was child abuse.  I laughed because I thought he was joking.  He then told me he was serious.  Me having Max dressed in Steelers gear was abuse.  Hmm....really? 
We watched the Super Bowl at the Mirage with Ian's cousins Steven and Jonathan.  It was so fun!!  It was so loud in there and surprise, surprise Max slept through it all!!!  He woke up at one point and watched some of the game.  We thought he could sense our excitement and he was screaming and shaking like he does when he sees his bottle.  It was funny!  Sadly the game didn't end the way we would have liked, but we had a great time with family. 

We ended our trip with a little shopping for our boy.  I tell you I'm a shopaholic when it comes to buying stuff for Max!  We got him some clothes, toys, shoes, and a baseball hat for spring training.  He'll be ready come March!!

Max Facts:
*He now rolls from his back to tummy and back onto his back consistently.
*He loves to Skype with his grandparents. (both sets)
*He can now put his toes in his mouth.  One minute his socks are on, and the next he's pulled one or both off!
*He makes friends with anyone sitting behind us at hockey games.  If it's a female he smiles tons and charms them with his baby talk.
*He has a mean grip and loves to pull out my hair, much to my dismay.
*Max is just an amazing little boy who is growing much too fast. We love seeing what new things Max will do each day. Life is good. :)

Hanging around.
Wanna play? 
I believe this is my bed! 
Go Steelers! 
I wanna touch the flower daddy. 
The Packers fan said what?!