Half Birthday

Max is now a half year old!  Can you believe it?!  He's not a little baby anymore that's for sure!    It has been the best 6 months that Ian and I could ask for.  Max is such a blessing and EVERYDAY is amazing with our boy.

Max Facts:
-He can officially sit in a highchair.  We went out to dinner with my parents over the weekend and he sat in his first highchair.  It was so cute to see.  There was another baby in the restaurant any they were both checking each other out. 
-He can sit by himself for awhile.  This is developing more and more each day.  We'll sit him up with his boppy behind him, or I'll sit behind him.  Just this morning he pulled himself up and was sitting by himself in bed. 
-He has tantrums like you wouldn't believe.  Actually they aren't too bad, knock on wood, but he definitely has a fit when he doesn't want something done or wants his bottle. 
-He hates getting dressed.  This is something new, and makes getting him dressed a challenge. 
-He rolls onto his tummy every time you set him down, so leaving him on his changing table can no longer happen.  He'll roll right off!

Today Max has his 6 month appointment, which means shots.  Boo!!  I don't like these kinds of appointments, and I know Max doesn't.  This coming Sunday we'll be going to our first Spring Training game.  Ian is so excited about this, and sharing this moment with Max.  :)
Look at what I can do with my Grandpa! 
I <3 my Grandma!! 
I'm sitting in a highchair! 
I'm sitting like a big boy playing with my toys! 
I'm 6 months!!!!

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