Swinging Around

Well...turns out our little man has a bad case of pink eye.  Doesn't sound bad?  Oh let me tell you it IS!  It's not in one but BOTH eyes.  I picked him up from daycare yesterday and they mentioned for me to look at his eyes because it looks like he has pink eye.  When I looked though, his eyes weren't bad looking at all.  So he fell asleep on our way home.  I let him sleep and was getting ready for the hockey game.  When I took him out of his seat to change him, he started crying.  He was trying to open his eyes, but couldn't because they were swollen and gooped shut! Oh I felt terrible.  I put a warm washcloth on his eyes, but he was so mad.  I tried calling the pediatrician, but I was on hold for about 10 minutes and no one ever came to the phone, so Ian told me to just take him to Urgent Care. 

Urgent Care....really it seems like it's not so urgent there.  We waited for 2 1/2 hours to be seen by the doc for about 5 minutes.  Ridiculous!  He gave us the meds we needed though, and told me Max couldn't go to daycare for 2 days. 

I took today off, and Ian's taking off tomorrow.  Max's eyes are looking so much better!  They aren't swollen anymore.  Putting the drops in his eyes is a challenge though!!  He's still a happy boy, which has made our day fun!  We went to the park by our house and he went for a swing.  It was cute, and he loved it!  He dropped his pacifier out of his mouth with shock when I gave him a little push.  When I went to take him out of the swing he even started to whine.  Uh-oh I had a glimpse at what it's going to be like when he's on one of the rides in the middle of the mall.  :)

I'm holding on for dear life!

Exhausted...but wouldn't let go of his toy!

Oh!  He's also learned to scoot himself around on the floor!  We have wood floors, so it's more like sliding.  One minute he's one place, the next he's in the middle of his toys!  We'll have to get it on video!

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