Drinking My Bottle, Watching My Shows

It's so funny how I went from watching my choice of shows on tv, to now watching NickJR.  I put on the cartoons for Max, which he likes the bright colors, but I'm more so the one watching them.  Our favs are the ones that ask you questions during the show, and you have to answer.  I, of course, am the one answering since Max is just saying "dadada...." these days.  In the morning Ian will put on cartoons for Max, and I'll hear him singing the theme song to the show while he's getting ready.  It's really cute. :) 

This past weekend Max was sick AGAIN.  My poor, poor baby.  :(  This one was the worst though, because he had a fever and was so helpless.  I was in tears because I just wanted  him to feel better.  Finally today he's somewhat back to his normal happy self. 

We saw Kaylee, Kat and Shiloh this weekend as well.  We haven't seen them since November....I think.  Kaylee is so flippin' adorable!  She has the most beautiful, big blue eyes.  They are soul mates....even if they don't know it yet!

Thursday Ian's parents come to visit.  We haven't seem them since Christmas, and I know they are excited to see Max!  They are going to be surprised on how much he's changed in those 3 months.

Max Facts:
~He likes to be on his belly more, and with that means more scooting.  He has a problem though because he'll scoot himself under the table or couch and can no longer go backwards.  What's he to do?  Cry, until we move him so he has more room to scoot.
~Fist pumps....this has just started in the past week, but I'd swear you'd think he was from Jersey Shore.  He pumps his right arm up and down.  If he has a toy, watch out because you will be hit!
~He can do pushups...well not really, but look down below.  Too funny!!

~All of a sudden he doesn't like being put in his car seat.  He'll cry and cry, but once he's in the car and we're moving, he's fine. 
~Max is pretty much awesome and I love him.
Wearing Daddy's hat.
Drinking my bottle, watching my shows.

Laughing at Daddy!!


Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Good news is Max and I surprised his Daddy with a homemade birthday cake, and some goodies.  Bad news is Max has a fever and is so helpless.  :(  Good news first then on to the bad....

Ian's birthday: So we went to the NCAA games last week as a kick-off to Ian's birthday festivities. Today is Ian's birthday, but we celebrated last night because there is a hockey game tonight.  Max and I made Ian his favorite cake.  Funfetti.  Yum-O!  I thought it came out pretty good if I do say so myself.  :)  I bought these candles to put on the cake.  The box should have said, "Only burn for 5 seconds."  I lit them when Ian got home before he came into the livingroom.  By the time he got to his cake (10 seconds) the candles were half gone!!!  What the heck!  It's the thought that counts.....  Max picked out the card for his Daddy.  When I say he picked out, I really mean he picked out.  I gave him two options: card with monkeys or alligators...he picked the monkeys.  :)  We also surprised him with dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.  Ian and I went there for Valentine's Day a few years ago.  It was de-li-cious!  Yay for leftovers!

Bad news: Poor Max has a fever.  He went for his flu shot on Tuesday.  He was so good when he got his shot.  Didn't even cry!!  He was also a happy camper when we went to the hockey game that night.  He was also fine all day yesterday.  Then we go to dinner and he didn't really eat his food.  If you know Max, you know he loves his food.  So we thought he probably wasn't feeling good.  When we got home he went to bed, but woke up an hour later burning up.  Poor guy. :(  He had a restless night, which means mommy had a restless night.  Today he's pretty much had a fever on and off, and has been sleeping.  I don't like him being sick, because I don't know what to do for him.  I hope he starts feeling better soon!!!

I <3 my Daddy!


Dear Max

Max is 7 MONTHS!!

Dear Max,
It's hard to believe that just 7 short months ago you were coming into the world.  It has been the best 7 months we could ever have asked for.  You've gone from being a helpless newborn to a vibrant 7 month old who is just itching to move.  Your little wail is now a demanding cry. You not only smile at us, but have a hearty laugh that makes us feel like we are so funny! (we know we're not that funny.)  You are an amazing little boy, and we love you so much!  Thank you for being our Max.

Mommy and Daddy

March Madness=Max Madness

March Madness is in full swing as is Max!  This weekend we took a trip to Tucson to watch the SDSU vs Temple and Wisconsin vs Kansas State.  We took this trip as an early birthday celebration for Ian.  It was Max's idea.  His Daddy <3s basketball, so it only made sense.  :)

Friday night we go into town, check into our hotel (super nice), and went to dinner at Outback,  I've never been there so I was excited to give it a try.  Max was wide awake and a happy on looker to our food.  He was sitting in a highchair, and for some reason the tables there were high.  One look down and he'd bang his head.  He quickly learned not to do that and we scooted him away from the table.  He's also learned his "I drop my toy and you pick it up" game.  It's only fun for him!  When we went back to the hotel room Max was partied out and went to sleep.  He managed to turn himself sideways and took over the bed.  He's such the wild sleeper!!

Saturday we ventured out to have lunch before the games.  We were going to Pita Pit, but sadly it's no longer there.  In place was some place called Eat a Pita...no thanks.  We ended up at a brewery that served awesome food and the beer wasn't bad either.  Max was getting in his early afternoon nap while we ate.  He's be rested for the basketball games....or so we thought!

We made our way to campus to watch some basketball.  I checked the times on my phone and it said 3:10...I took it as Eastern Time, so we were there by 12:10.  Wrong!  Oh the games started at 3:10, but I wasn't the only one who thought the games started earlier.  There were a few (by few I mean like 5) other people expecting the game to be starting.  Bummer.....but it was a beautiful day so we roamed around and went for a walk. 

When it was time to go in we get asked who we're cheering for.  Lady, I'm cheering for the teams I have on my bracket.  :)  We were surrounded by SDSU fans.  It was a really cool atmosphere.  The first game went into a double overtime, but SDSU came out with a victory.  Sadly I didn't have either team on my bracket.  Next game I was cheering for Wisconsin and Ian was cheering for Kansas State.  It was an exciting game, but Wisconsin came out with the win! 

Max had a fun time.  Of course he slept through the first half of his first basketball game.  When he was awake though he did watch the game.  There were bands there so he was liking the music.  We were surrounded by people so he likes to look at them until they pay him some attention.  He was also checking out the ladies, and age doesn't bother him.  Old or young he was getting them to say hi.  :)  Such a stud. 

All in all Ian's bday trip was a success and we added one more sport to Max's list. 

Max Facts of the trip:
~He is still a happy traveler.
~He is learning how to copy what we do.  Ian will fake cough to get a smile out of him, and he'll fake cough back.
~He has found his fake laugh. 
~He is a bed hog.
Max was watching March Madness the day it started! 
Ian was so excited to watch basketball with Max. 
               Max is a bed hog.           Max asleep at the game. (Shocker!)


Sippin' on Juice

Max was eating and we decided to have a little fun.  If you make a noise at him, he'll giggle.  Sometimes is just fun to laugh when you're eating your dinner. :)

I bought Max his first sippy cup.  He didn't quite understand how to get his juice......when all else fails...bite!


Bite Me

Max has been one busy baby since Friday!  He finally got to meet his friend, Evan!  He was checking him out and when I was holding Evan, Max didn't seem too impressed with that.  I see these two being buddies when Evan gets older.  It's crazy to see Evan though and know that Max was once that size.  Max is growing too fast!! 

Saturday: Cassi's babyshower.  Max and I walked into the door and he was surrounded by girls!  He was kinda freaked out, but in the end loved the attention.  His Grandma and Auntie were there, so he was happy to see them.  He was so happy to see his Auntie that he threw up all over her cute outfit.  It was pretty awesome! ;)  It was great seeing the whole family.  My little cousins aren't so little anymore.  After the shower we were all sitting around my Aunt Diana's table and in that moment we were our parents around our Grandma Grace's table.  (Minus the beer:) )  Cassi is 30 weeks and looks lovely.  She got adorably cute outfits for Ellla.   

That night my bestfriend, Jenn, came into town to visit.  She comes every March, and this was her first time seeing Max!  They are getting along great!  She definitely makes him giggle.  She's getting some mommy training with feeding him.  She's expecting her little one in August!  She's actually due a day before Max's birthday! 
Sunday: Spring Training.....why we keep taking Max to games, I don't know.  It was in the mid 80s, but it was too hot to just sit there in the sun.  Max was once again too warm and sweaty.  He did get some sleep, imagine that? :)   Our friends, Dallas and Jessi were also there and got Max his first baseball bat, spring training t-shirt, and a pack of baseball cards (more for Daddy).  The bat went directly to his mouth.  What else would he do with it?

Monday: The BIG day....started off with a fussy baby.  We got ready though and spent the day at the mall and doing some shopping.  He was a trooper and handled it well.  Jenn and I went to Target on the way home to get stuff for dinner and I decided to buy some Gerber snacks for crawlers. Too early for Max, but still I think he'll be ready for it in a couple weeks.  When we got home I decided to try a cheese puff with him.  My finger was in his mouth and he chomped down.  Max has officially cut his first tooth!!!  I was so excited I called Ian and then my Mom.  Max, Jenn, and I celebrated! 

Last night was a rough night and Max was f-u-s-s-y!  Today is a new day, and our boy woke up HAPPY! 

Max Facts:
~He still doesn't like baseball! :) Ha!
~He now gets up on his knees in the crawling position and rocks back and forth. ("air humps" as Dallas says)
~He scooted forward once, and we can't get him to do it again.

I'm a big boy, riding my big boy toy.
I have a tooth!
Auntie Jenn!
Watch me scoot backwards!


Baseball Fan?

Umm...not so much.  We took Max to his first Spring Training game on Feb. 27th.  Our boy was so happy before the game and full of energy.  What happens when we get there?  He sleeps!!  Remember his sleeps through first time events in his life.  We should have known!!  He slept the entire game though.  This has to be a clue on how he feels about baseball right? 

We went to another game this past weekend.  Once again our boy was a happy camper before the game.  He let out a yawn when we got to the field.  He didn't sleep the entire time, but he was not liking it.  It was a bit warm out and  the little guy was sweaty.  I think he's like me when it comes to baseball, because it's my least favorite sport.  I remember when I was pregnant with Max, at every other sporting event he was a ninja in my belly.  Baseball he was quiet.  He finds baseball as exciting as I do!!!  As long as we take him toys though, he shall be fine. :)

Max has had some exciting days happen and more to come!  On March 5th, his new friend, Evan, came into the world.  We were all pretty excited, and have been waiting for his arrival!!  Max has yet to meet him, because at the hospital he wasn't allowed to go back because of flu season.  We all know how Max is prone to sickness because of daycare. :(

This weekend my cousin, Cassi, is having her baby shower so Max will get to see his buddy Jax!!  (and the rest of the Tenorio Clan!)  Grandma and Auntie Alicia are also coming too, so I'm SOOO excited about that!!!  Max will also get to meet his mommy's best friend, Jenn!  Max is going to see so many faces this weekend, he won't know what to do with himself!  I also get to spend all of next week with him because of Spring Break! 

Max Facts:
-Like I said earlier, baseball is boring in Max's opinion.
-He is now on Stage 2 food, which means it's thicker.  Man oh man does he love it!  Not that we expected anything less, because our boy loves his food. :)
-He has to go back to the doctor to get his second round of flu shots.  BOO!!!! 
-He loves other babies.  At daycare if one of his playmates passes him and is in grabbing reach, Max will grab and hug them!  He of course won't let go, which frightens the other children. 
-He loves older women...we're talking like 2 to 3 year olds.  Way to old for our kiddo.  We went to dinner one night, and a couple of little girls came in (cougars as Ian calls them).  Once Max saw them, we could not get him to turn around!!  He was so in awe...I'm not sure if it's cute or something to worry about later on. ;)
-He scoots himself backwards at a decent speed.  Sometimes he's even babbling while he's doing it, so it's too funny! 
Ready for the game!!
Baseball game with Daddy!
This is how Max felt about the game. :)
Just for your enjoyment.

Looking like I caught him doing something he shouldn't be doing........
Family time at the ballpark!
Sitting up in my stoller.