Baseball Fan?

Umm...not so much.  We took Max to his first Spring Training game on Feb. 27th.  Our boy was so happy before the game and full of energy.  What happens when we get there?  He sleeps!!  Remember his sleeps through first time events in his life.  We should have known!!  He slept the entire game though.  This has to be a clue on how he feels about baseball right? 

We went to another game this past weekend.  Once again our boy was a happy camper before the game.  He let out a yawn when we got to the field.  He didn't sleep the entire time, but he was not liking it.  It was a bit warm out and  the little guy was sweaty.  I think he's like me when it comes to baseball, because it's my least favorite sport.  I remember when I was pregnant with Max, at every other sporting event he was a ninja in my belly.  Baseball he was quiet.  He finds baseball as exciting as I do!!!  As long as we take him toys though, he shall be fine. :)

Max has had some exciting days happen and more to come!  On March 5th, his new friend, Evan, came into the world.  We were all pretty excited, and have been waiting for his arrival!!  Max has yet to meet him, because at the hospital he wasn't allowed to go back because of flu season.  We all know how Max is prone to sickness because of daycare. :(

This weekend my cousin, Cassi, is having her baby shower so Max will get to see his buddy Jax!!  (and the rest of the Tenorio Clan!)  Grandma and Auntie Alicia are also coming too, so I'm SOOO excited about that!!!  Max will also get to meet his mommy's best friend, Jenn!  Max is going to see so many faces this weekend, he won't know what to do with himself!  I also get to spend all of next week with him because of Spring Break! 

Max Facts:
-Like I said earlier, baseball is boring in Max's opinion.
-He is now on Stage 2 food, which means it's thicker.  Man oh man does he love it!  Not that we expected anything less, because our boy loves his food. :)
-He has to go back to the doctor to get his second round of flu shots.  BOO!!!! 
-He loves other babies.  At daycare if one of his playmates passes him and is in grabbing reach, Max will grab and hug them!  He of course won't let go, which frightens the other children. 
-He loves older women...we're talking like 2 to 3 year olds.  Way to old for our kiddo.  We went to dinner one night, and a couple of little girls came in (cougars as Ian calls them).  Once Max saw them, we could not get him to turn around!!  He was so in awe...I'm not sure if it's cute or something to worry about later on. ;)
-He scoots himself backwards at a decent speed.  Sometimes he's even babbling while he's doing it, so it's too funny! 
Ready for the game!!
Baseball game with Daddy!
This is how Max felt about the game. :)
Just for your enjoyment.

Looking like I caught him doing something he shouldn't be doing........
Family time at the ballpark!
Sitting up in my stoller.

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