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Max has been one busy baby since Friday!  He finally got to meet his friend, Evan!  He was checking him out and when I was holding Evan, Max didn't seem too impressed with that.  I see these two being buddies when Evan gets older.  It's crazy to see Evan though and know that Max was once that size.  Max is growing too fast!! 

Saturday: Cassi's babyshower.  Max and I walked into the door and he was surrounded by girls!  He was kinda freaked out, but in the end loved the attention.  His Grandma and Auntie were there, so he was happy to see them.  He was so happy to see his Auntie that he threw up all over her cute outfit.  It was pretty awesome! ;)  It was great seeing the whole family.  My little cousins aren't so little anymore.  After the shower we were all sitting around my Aunt Diana's table and in that moment we were our parents around our Grandma Grace's table.  (Minus the beer:) )  Cassi is 30 weeks and looks lovely.  She got adorably cute outfits for Ellla.   

That night my bestfriend, Jenn, came into town to visit.  She comes every March, and this was her first time seeing Max!  They are getting along great!  She definitely makes him giggle.  She's getting some mommy training with feeding him.  She's expecting her little one in August!  She's actually due a day before Max's birthday! 
Sunday: Spring Training.....why we keep taking Max to games, I don't know.  It was in the mid 80s, but it was too hot to just sit there in the sun.  Max was once again too warm and sweaty.  He did get some sleep, imagine that? :)   Our friends, Dallas and Jessi were also there and got Max his first baseball bat, spring training t-shirt, and a pack of baseball cards (more for Daddy).  The bat went directly to his mouth.  What else would he do with it?

Monday: The BIG day....started off with a fussy baby.  We got ready though and spent the day at the mall and doing some shopping.  He was a trooper and handled it well.  Jenn and I went to Target on the way home to get stuff for dinner and I decided to buy some Gerber snacks for crawlers. Too early for Max, but still I think he'll be ready for it in a couple weeks.  When we got home I decided to try a cheese puff with him.  My finger was in his mouth and he chomped down.  Max has officially cut his first tooth!!!  I was so excited I called Ian and then my Mom.  Max, Jenn, and I celebrated! 

Last night was a rough night and Max was f-u-s-s-y!  Today is a new day, and our boy woke up HAPPY! 

Max Facts:
~He still doesn't like baseball! :) Ha!
~He now gets up on his knees in the crawling position and rocks back and forth. ("air humps" as Dallas says)
~He scooted forward once, and we can't get him to do it again.

I'm a big boy, riding my big boy toy.
I have a tooth!
Auntie Jenn!
Watch me scoot backwards!

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