Drinking My Bottle, Watching My Shows

It's so funny how I went from watching my choice of shows on tv, to now watching NickJR.  I put on the cartoons for Max, which he likes the bright colors, but I'm more so the one watching them.  Our favs are the ones that ask you questions during the show, and you have to answer.  I, of course, am the one answering since Max is just saying "dadada...." these days.  In the morning Ian will put on cartoons for Max, and I'll hear him singing the theme song to the show while he's getting ready.  It's really cute. :) 

This past weekend Max was sick AGAIN.  My poor, poor baby.  :(  This one was the worst though, because he had a fever and was so helpless.  I was in tears because I just wanted  him to feel better.  Finally today he's somewhat back to his normal happy self. 

We saw Kaylee, Kat and Shiloh this weekend as well.  We haven't seen them since November....I think.  Kaylee is so flippin' adorable!  She has the most beautiful, big blue eyes.  They are soul mates....even if they don't know it yet!

Thursday Ian's parents come to visit.  We haven't seem them since Christmas, and I know they are excited to see Max!  They are going to be surprised on how much he's changed in those 3 months.

Max Facts:
~He likes to be on his belly more, and with that means more scooting.  He has a problem though because he'll scoot himself under the table or couch and can no longer go backwards.  What's he to do?  Cry, until we move him so he has more room to scoot.
~Fist pumps....this has just started in the past week, but I'd swear you'd think he was from Jersey Shore.  He pumps his right arm up and down.  If he has a toy, watch out because you will be hit!
~He can do pushups...well not really, but look down below.  Too funny!!

~All of a sudden he doesn't like being put in his car seat.  He'll cry and cry, but once he's in the car and we're moving, he's fine. 
~Max is pretty much awesome and I love him.
Wearing Daddy's hat.
Drinking my bottle, watching my shows.

Laughing at Daddy!!

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  1. Max and Jonah must be related. ;) Jonah likes to fist pump too and has started the crying with the being put in the car seat as well but once I pick it up and snap it into the car he's fine. :)