March Madness=Max Madness

March Madness is in full swing as is Max!  This weekend we took a trip to Tucson to watch the SDSU vs Temple and Wisconsin vs Kansas State.  We took this trip as an early birthday celebration for Ian.  It was Max's idea.  His Daddy <3s basketball, so it only made sense.  :)

Friday night we go into town, check into our hotel (super nice), and went to dinner at Outback,  I've never been there so I was excited to give it a try.  Max was wide awake and a happy on looker to our food.  He was sitting in a highchair, and for some reason the tables there were high.  One look down and he'd bang his head.  He quickly learned not to do that and we scooted him away from the table.  He's also learned his "I drop my toy and you pick it up" game.  It's only fun for him!  When we went back to the hotel room Max was partied out and went to sleep.  He managed to turn himself sideways and took over the bed.  He's such the wild sleeper!!

Saturday we ventured out to have lunch before the games.  We were going to Pita Pit, but sadly it's no longer there.  In place was some place called Eat a Pita...no thanks.  We ended up at a brewery that served awesome food and the beer wasn't bad either.  Max was getting in his early afternoon nap while we ate.  He's be rested for the basketball games....or so we thought!

We made our way to campus to watch some basketball.  I checked the times on my phone and it said 3:10...I took it as Eastern Time, so we were there by 12:10.  Wrong!  Oh the games started at 3:10, but I wasn't the only one who thought the games started earlier.  There were a few (by few I mean like 5) other people expecting the game to be starting.  Bummer.....but it was a beautiful day so we roamed around and went for a walk. 

When it was time to go in we get asked who we're cheering for.  Lady, I'm cheering for the teams I have on my bracket.  :)  We were surrounded by SDSU fans.  It was a really cool atmosphere.  The first game went into a double overtime, but SDSU came out with a victory.  Sadly I didn't have either team on my bracket.  Next game I was cheering for Wisconsin and Ian was cheering for Kansas State.  It was an exciting game, but Wisconsin came out with the win! 

Max had a fun time.  Of course he slept through the first half of his first basketball game.  When he was awake though he did watch the game.  There were bands there so he was liking the music.  We were surrounded by people so he likes to look at them until they pay him some attention.  He was also checking out the ladies, and age doesn't bother him.  Old or young he was getting them to say hi.  :)  Such a stud. 

All in all Ian's bday trip was a success and we added one more sport to Max's list. 

Max Facts of the trip:
~He is still a happy traveler.
~He is learning how to copy what we do.  Ian will fake cough to get a smile out of him, and he'll fake cough back.
~He has found his fake laugh. 
~He is a bed hog.
Max was watching March Madness the day it started! 
Ian was so excited to watch basketball with Max. 
               Max is a bed hog.           Max asleep at the game. (Shocker!)

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