I'm a Climbing Man

Hi Mommy!!  Watch what I can do!


I think I'll go play with my toys on the other side.

I'm almost there!

Umm this is a lot farther than I thought!

Maybe if I just reachhhhhh.

I'll do baby yoga before I play!


Happy Easter!!

It's Max's first Easter!!  This morning we set him in front of his Easter basket and let him make his way to his goodies!  In his basket he had some squeezable blocks, jet toy, flip flops (that might not fit his chubby feet), sweet potato puffs, and some mum-mum crackers.  

I want that basket!!

Max's first Easter basket. <3
Max and his daddy playing with Max's jet toy. 
I want the mum-mum crackers! 
Happy Easter!! 
I <3 blocks! 
Posing for a picture. :)



Max experienced his first egg dying activity!!  I got everything ready, and was pretty excited about this event.  It's the first time Max will dye eggs, and will be celebrating Easter!  So I boiled a dozen eggs, and while that was going on I got the bowls ready to drop the tablets into to make the beautiful colors.  I used cold water and in went the tablets.  Then I decided to read the directions.  I was supposed to use warm water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar.  I didn't even know if we had vinegar!!  Luckily we did!  Alicia's job was to break up the tablets in the cold water because they didn't dissolve so well.  Guess that's what the warm water is for. :)  Next time.....
The activity went something like this:

Gimme me that egg mommy! 
Oh that's how you write on the egg? 
Can I do it? 
I want to put the egg in the bowl! 
This box is way more fun! 
Daddy I know how to write on the egg. 
Let the pros handle the decorating. 
I'm so excited for tomorrow.  Max will wear his Easter outfit and get his first Easter basket from his mommy and daddy.  Celebrating holidays takes on a whole new meaning with Max in our lives now.  I love it! 


Max=8 Months

Max turned the big 8 months yesterday!!!!   What better way to celebrate this wondrous occasion then a hockey game!!!  A playoff game at that!  Before the game we had a mini photo session of Max modeling his 8 month onesie.  He wasn't having it though so it was like pulling teeth.  He had just taken a bath as well so he was oh so fresh and so clean! 

You want me to stay still mommy? 
But what's that over there? 
Look where mommy?
I don't like this. 
Yay! I'm 8 months!!! 

At the game Max was like a baby on red bull.  He was bouncing up and down going a little crazy!!!  He was so excited though and yelling for his team.  He had fun, but eventually hit a wall in the 3rd period and fell asleep, only to wake up in time for the Yotes saluting their fans.  I'm so glad that Max was able to experience his first playoff games watching the Coyotes.   When we got home we were watching On the Fly and Ian spotted us on tv... we're the ones in white!

We're right there!!!



Max let me take this picture before deciding he didn't want to wear his cap.
We got this onesie for Max last year.
Such the happy baby!! 

Pregame this guy is coming down the stairs in a shiny white tux.  I told him I liked his outfit.  Then he asked if Max and I wanted to be on the news!  He interviewed us being that it was Max's first playoff game.  Pretty funny!!!  We haven't seen it, but our friends, Dallas and Jessi, recorded it so we could see it!  The game didn't turn out how we hoped, but it was so fun watching the game with Max.  He was excited, happy, and couldn't stop smiling.  (minus the last two minutes when he was just too tired)  Wednesdays game better be a WIN!


Max Facts

Quick Max facts for the month of April:

*Splish, splash takes on a whole new meaning during bath time.  It was just a song we sang, but now it's an every bath occurrence!   He LOVES bath time...well playing really.  I have to attempt to get him clean while he's having a grand ole' time splashing and playing with his alphabet letters.
*Max has started pulling himself up, which means there will be falls in the future.
* He is moving forward!! We noticed this yesterday.  We're so excited for him to start crawling, but I know once that happens we better watch out. :)
* He's sleeping through the night again.  Yay!!  For awhile he was waking up wanting a bottle.  We obliged, but man oh man the lack of sleep was catching up with us. 
* He loves himself some lemons!  We gave him one at dinner Friday night, and he ate it up!  It was cute to watch him experience the sour fruit.
*Jack in the Box...no not the fast food place, but the toy.  Ian and I thought this toy would scare him when the bear popped out.  (I refused to use the one with the clown. Creepy!) We both watched him thinking he'd jump or show some reaction.  Nothing.  Not even a smile.  On to the next toys then!
*"No." is already the word that makes him cry.  When he's doing something he shouldn't we tell him no, so that he'll learn not to do that.  He'll stop what he's doing, look at you, and then the water works will start.  We don't fall for his tears though, and when he realizes this he stops crying. 
*Max will experience his first Whiteout tonight!!  The Coyotes are in the playoffs, and Max is ready for the game with his Whiteout onesie!!! (I'll post that pic later.)

What do you think of my chair??
The shirt says it all.
I know it's blurry, but the outfits are too cute!
Watch me climb!
Clappers go straight to my mouth!!!


Colorful Words

This funny story has to do with my students.  Last week I had my students doing free writes.  I'll give them random words, and then they write what ever comes to mind.  They have to use their imagination and colorful words.  So the words were "Frozen World".  Some of the stories were very good, and you could tell my kiddos really used their imagination.  One of my little girls, who is a very good writer, gets up to share her story.  She gets to a part where she's saying, "I hope the wizards didn't freeze everyone.  Those wizards are dumb, selfish bastards!"  She reads with great emotion too, so when she said this she kind of yelled it.  All my students and myself were shocked and you could hear a collective gasp!   She didn't know that she couldn't say that "b" word at school.  I had to hide my giggles, but I wanted to laugh.  It was a priceless moment.  Her words were very colorful, and that you can't be upset about! :) :)


When I Met a Boy

I have become a tiny bit of a blog addict.  I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and she told the story about how her family became what it is today.  I LOVED the idea, sooooo I'm going to copy her!!  Read on if you'd like to hear a mushy love story.  If you don't dig the mushiness....ummm don't read.  I have to start at the beginning and the beginning is when I first moved to AZ.

I moved to AZ during the summer of 2005 to start my first year of teaching..  My first year was HORRIBLE and I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong profession.  I also had eye problems with my retina detaching in my left eye a couple times.  WHY had I moved away from my family?!  I had planned to move back to NM because AZ turned out to not be that great.

That all changed of course when I met a boy.  The first time I saw Ian, I don't think he saw me.  I was walking to my apartment from my friend, Kali's to put eye drops in the problem of an eye I have, when I ran into Nate.  He gave me a hug on the way to his car.  His friend turned around and it was a "Dream Weaver" moment.  Think Wayne's World movie where Wayne sees Cassandra (or whatever her name is).   

Fast forward to April 1st.  I was suppose to go to the movies with a friend, but Laura invited me over to her apartment to play games.  I politely canceled my plans to go see a movie and went to hang out with Laura and my Dream Weaver guy.  It was an awesome night, and a couple days later he showed up on my doorstep with a blue Gatorade and a gossip magazine. (He listened when we had a conversation the first night we hung out.)  He was a keeper.  I told him so a couple weeks later, and he told me he didn't want anything serious.  We were just going to be "friends."  Ummm no thank you!  I wasn't too happy about that, but luckily the next day he told me he made a mistake. From that day on we were a couple...awwwww. 

We're at a Dbacks game...I'm not a fan of baseball so
I must of liked him to go to a game! 
Our first New Years together.

Fast forward to summer of 2007.  We went to Alaska to visit his family.  I fell in love with Alaska and we had an amazing time!  June 14th Ian went to play golf with his dad.  His mom and I went shopping down in the canyon.  When we all got back to the house Ian asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was 11 o'clock at night, but it was still light out so it didn't feel that late.  We're walking by the train tacks and I hear a noise.  I'm convinced it's a bear and want to go back to his house.  We're walking back and Ian bends down to pick up a spike that he found on the tracks.  He hands it to me and he had painted it blue and wrote "Will you marry me?" on it.  When I looked at him he was on his knee holding the ring.  All I could do was cry, and I finally got around to saying "YES!!!"    (I get teary eyed just thinking of that moment)

One of the many beautiful stops on the way to Healy.
                    Engaged and at Savage Rock.

June 14th, 2008 was one of the happiest days of my life.  I became Mrs. Winklmann that day and promised to love Ian forever in front of our family and friends.   It was such an amazing day that went by far too fast.

First dance=Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.
December 16, 2009-Surprise you're having a baby!!  The next 9 months were a blur, filled with excitement.  I had the joy of getting bigger by the month and Ian had the joy of having a designated driver.  Lucky him. ;) Bumpy pregnancy that led to........


August 20, 2010-Max was added to our puzzle of a family.  We became the family I've always dreamt about.  I'm married to my best friend, and we have an amazing little boy that makes life complete.

First family photo.

All in all I guess our love story isn't too mushy.  We've had  bumps in our journey to where we are now, but it's all worth it in the end.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  The End.....or really To Be Continued...

Bumpy Ride

Our latest adventure took us to Las Cruces to visit my family.  Max and I headed to the airport after school on Friday.  I was super nervous about going to the airport by myself.  I had a plan though.  I had Max in one of the carriers you wear.  He was facing outward looking at all the people saying, "Dada. Dada. Dada." I had the carseat on the stroller, the diaper bag hanging on the stroller, and my suitcase in the carseat.  I made it work, and it was pretty easy getting to security.  Oh security, how I don't like you.  There I am with all of my stuff and the nice lady tells me I need to close my stroller and put it on the conveyor belt thing...I look at her, as I have Max hanging on me,  I'm trying to take out the liquids I'm carrying on the plane, AND I can't believe she's not helping me, and I say, "Really?"  Her response, "Yes." as she walks away from me.  Lovely lady she was.  Luckily a nice man behind me helped me close the stroller and put it on the belt.  Then he helped me after get situated.  If it wasn't for him, I'm pretty sure I would have stopped right there and had a tantrum of my own!!!

Max and I finally got settled at our gate.  He's having fun playing with his toys, and I'm still a stressy mess.  All I can think of is the flight.  I know this kid is going to scream and I'm going to have that baby and people were going to give me the stare.  They start boarding, and FYI Southwest Airlines doesn't let you preboard with a baby. Thank you SWA for making this more stressful.  Max and I get on the plane and we sit by the window.  I get all his bottles ready and I'm ready for the flight!  A nice woman, who happens to be a teacher, sits by us and she was wonderful!  Again, friendly people were settling my nerves.  The minute we took off Max had a bottle and was out like a light.  He slept the entire way and was pretty much amazing! 

Our time in Las Cruces was quick, but we managed to throw in trip to the urgent care.  Yes, our little man was sick.  His poor tonsils were red and he had fluid in his right ear.  The doctor put him on amoxicillin, which I loved as a kid!  I told my mom that after I gave Max his medicine she'd fine me sneaking sips.  Ha!  We had so much fun though spending time with my family.  Before we left we went to lunch and Jamie joined us and brought Jax!  Max and Jax were suppose to have a playdate, but because of sickness we had to cancel.  They'll be seeing each other in June for Analise's graduation party, and I'm sure they will be getting into trouble together!

Coming home I wasn't as nervous or a stressy mess....until security.  This time they said I had to have a boarding pass for Max (in AZ they gave it to me at the gate),  took out all my liquids for them to look at, and they didn't even test them! (in AZ they tested every single thing I had.)  ugh!  This flight was full so I had to sit in the middle seat.  I made Max a bottle, but taking off was so bumping that he fell right to sleep.  Yay for that, but it was so bumpy I got a little nauseous.  Blah!  I was so happy when we landed and Max and I were in my car heading home.  I'm not sure if I'll fly by myself again with Max....maybe when he's 5.  :)


Fear of Flying

Tomorrow Max and I will be flying to NM to spend the weekend with my family.  I'm pretty excited about this, but I'm afraid of flying by myself with Max.  He's always been the great little traveler that I love to brag about, but what if this one time I'm by myself he decides to act like a crazy child?!  I'm also stressed at the idea of parking and lugging everything into the airport.  I just have this picture of me dropping things, Max screaming bloody murder, and no Ian to help me.  When we land tomorrow night I will either be happy or in tears.  Hmm....guess you'll just have to wait and see!!

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump Around!

Jenn got this for Max awhile back, but he had no clue how to jump.  All he would do was spin in circles.  Poor kid would make himself dizzy!  Yesterday while playing with Pap-pap, Max figured it out!!!  It was so adorably funny to watch him.  I love this kid so much!!


Whole Lotta Fun!!!

Max has had some major fun these past few days.  Pap-pap and Mum-mum are here visiting us for the week.  They stayed in a hotel room one night so that we could take Max swimming.  I wasn't sure how he would take to pool water, because he hates if his bath water is anything but warm.  He LOVED the pool!  He was kicking his little legs and splashing.  It was ridiculously fun and cute to watch him. 

Yesterday we went to Sea Life, which is an aquarium at Arizona Mills.  It's a small aquarium, but pretty cool.  Max was in awe of all the fish.  He'd put his hands on the glass as if he were trying to grab them.  I think a trip to Sea World will be in this kiddos future.

Pap-pap and Mum-mum bought Max his highchair.  He sat in it last night for about 5 minutes when I attempted to feed him mashed potatoes.  He was cranky from just waking up from a nap, so it was a no go.  We shall try again tonight!!  I love the highchair.  Pictures will come later!