Bumpy Ride

Our latest adventure took us to Las Cruces to visit my family.  Max and I headed to the airport after school on Friday.  I was super nervous about going to the airport by myself.  I had a plan though.  I had Max in one of the carriers you wear.  He was facing outward looking at all the people saying, "Dada. Dada. Dada." I had the carseat on the stroller, the diaper bag hanging on the stroller, and my suitcase in the carseat.  I made it work, and it was pretty easy getting to security.  Oh security, how I don't like you.  There I am with all of my stuff and the nice lady tells me I need to close my stroller and put it on the conveyor belt thing...I look at her, as I have Max hanging on me,  I'm trying to take out the liquids I'm carrying on the plane, AND I can't believe she's not helping me, and I say, "Really?"  Her response, "Yes." as she walks away from me.  Lovely lady she was.  Luckily a nice man behind me helped me close the stroller and put it on the belt.  Then he helped me after get situated.  If it wasn't for him, I'm pretty sure I would have stopped right there and had a tantrum of my own!!!

Max and I finally got settled at our gate.  He's having fun playing with his toys, and I'm still a stressy mess.  All I can think of is the flight.  I know this kid is going to scream and I'm going to have that baby and people were going to give me the stare.  They start boarding, and FYI Southwest Airlines doesn't let you preboard with a baby. Thank you SWA for making this more stressful.  Max and I get on the plane and we sit by the window.  I get all his bottles ready and I'm ready for the flight!  A nice woman, who happens to be a teacher, sits by us and she was wonderful!  Again, friendly people were settling my nerves.  The minute we took off Max had a bottle and was out like a light.  He slept the entire way and was pretty much amazing! 

Our time in Las Cruces was quick, but we managed to throw in trip to the urgent care.  Yes, our little man was sick.  His poor tonsils were red and he had fluid in his right ear.  The doctor put him on amoxicillin, which I loved as a kid!  I told my mom that after I gave Max his medicine she'd fine me sneaking sips.  Ha!  We had so much fun though spending time with my family.  Before we left we went to lunch and Jamie joined us and brought Jax!  Max and Jax were suppose to have a playdate, but because of sickness we had to cancel.  They'll be seeing each other in June for Analise's graduation party, and I'm sure they will be getting into trouble together!

Coming home I wasn't as nervous or a stressy mess....until security.  This time they said I had to have a boarding pass for Max (in AZ they gave it to me at the gate),  took out all my liquids for them to look at, and they didn't even test them! (in AZ they tested every single thing I had.)  ugh!  This flight was full so I had to sit in the middle seat.  I made Max a bottle, but taking off was so bumping that he fell right to sleep.  Yay for that, but it was so bumpy I got a little nauseous.  Blah!  I was so happy when we landed and Max and I were in my car heading home.  I'm not sure if I'll fly by myself again with Max....maybe when he's 5.  :)

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