Colorful Words

This funny story has to do with my students.  Last week I had my students doing free writes.  I'll give them random words, and then they write what ever comes to mind.  They have to use their imagination and colorful words.  So the words were "Frozen World".  Some of the stories were very good, and you could tell my kiddos really used their imagination.  One of my little girls, who is a very good writer, gets up to share her story.  She gets to a part where she's saying, "I hope the wizards didn't freeze everyone.  Those wizards are dumb, selfish bastards!"  She reads with great emotion too, so when she said this she kind of yelled it.  All my students and myself were shocked and you could hear a collective gasp!   She didn't know that she couldn't say that "b" word at school.  I had to hide my giggles, but I wanted to laugh.  It was a priceless moment.  Her words were very colorful, and that you can't be upset about! :) :)

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