Max experienced his first egg dying activity!!  I got everything ready, and was pretty excited about this event.  It's the first time Max will dye eggs, and will be celebrating Easter!  So I boiled a dozen eggs, and while that was going on I got the bowls ready to drop the tablets into to make the beautiful colors.  I used cold water and in went the tablets.  Then I decided to read the directions.  I was supposed to use warm water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar.  I didn't even know if we had vinegar!!  Luckily we did!  Alicia's job was to break up the tablets in the cold water because they didn't dissolve so well.  Guess that's what the warm water is for. :)  Next time.....
The activity went something like this:

Gimme me that egg mommy! 
Oh that's how you write on the egg? 
Can I do it? 
I want to put the egg in the bowl! 
This box is way more fun! 
Daddy I know how to write on the egg. 
Let the pros handle the decorating. 
I'm so excited for tomorrow.  Max will wear his Easter outfit and get his first Easter basket from his mommy and daddy.  Celebrating holidays takes on a whole new meaning with Max in our lives now.  I love it! 

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