Max Facts

Quick Max facts for the month of April:

*Splish, splash takes on a whole new meaning during bath time.  It was just a song we sang, but now it's an every bath occurrence!   He LOVES bath time...well playing really.  I have to attempt to get him clean while he's having a grand ole' time splashing and playing with his alphabet letters.
*Max has started pulling himself up, which means there will be falls in the future.
* He is moving forward!! We noticed this yesterday.  We're so excited for him to start crawling, but I know once that happens we better watch out. :)
* He's sleeping through the night again.  Yay!!  For awhile he was waking up wanting a bottle.  We obliged, but man oh man the lack of sleep was catching up with us. 
* He loves himself some lemons!  We gave him one at dinner Friday night, and he ate it up!  It was cute to watch him experience the sour fruit.
*Jack in the Box...no not the fast food place, but the toy.  Ian and I thought this toy would scare him when the bear popped out.  (I refused to use the one with the clown. Creepy!) We both watched him thinking he'd jump or show some reaction.  Nothing.  Not even a smile.  On to the next toys then!
*"No." is already the word that makes him cry.  When he's doing something he shouldn't we tell him no, so that he'll learn not to do that.  He'll stop what he's doing, look at you, and then the water works will start.  We don't fall for his tears though, and when he realizes this he stops crying. 
*Max will experience his first Whiteout tonight!!  The Coyotes are in the playoffs, and Max is ready for the game with his Whiteout onesie!!! (I'll post that pic later.)

What do you think of my chair??
The shirt says it all.
I know it's blurry, but the outfits are too cute!
Watch me climb!
Clappers go straight to my mouth!!!

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