Max=8 Months

Max turned the big 8 months yesterday!!!!   What better way to celebrate this wondrous occasion then a hockey game!!!  A playoff game at that!  Before the game we had a mini photo session of Max modeling his 8 month onesie.  He wasn't having it though so it was like pulling teeth.  He had just taken a bath as well so he was oh so fresh and so clean! 

You want me to stay still mommy? 
But what's that over there? 
Look where mommy?
I don't like this. 
Yay! I'm 8 months!!! 

At the game Max was like a baby on red bull.  He was bouncing up and down going a little crazy!!!  He was so excited though and yelling for his team.  He had fun, but eventually hit a wall in the 3rd period and fell asleep, only to wake up in time for the Yotes saluting their fans.  I'm so glad that Max was able to experience his first playoff games watching the Coyotes.   When we got home we were watching On the Fly and Ian spotted us on tv... we're the ones in white!

We're right there!!!

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