When I Met a Boy

I have become a tiny bit of a blog addict.  I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and she told the story about how her family became what it is today.  I LOVED the idea, sooooo I'm going to copy her!!  Read on if you'd like to hear a mushy love story.  If you don't dig the mushiness....ummm don't read.  I have to start at the beginning and the beginning is when I first moved to AZ.

I moved to AZ during the summer of 2005 to start my first year of teaching..  My first year was HORRIBLE and I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong profession.  I also had eye problems with my retina detaching in my left eye a couple times.  WHY had I moved away from my family?!  I had planned to move back to NM because AZ turned out to not be that great.

That all changed of course when I met a boy.  The first time I saw Ian, I don't think he saw me.  I was walking to my apartment from my friend, Kali's to put eye drops in the problem of an eye I have, when I ran into Nate.  He gave me a hug on the way to his car.  His friend turned around and it was a "Dream Weaver" moment.  Think Wayne's World movie where Wayne sees Cassandra (or whatever her name is).   

Fast forward to April 1st.  I was suppose to go to the movies with a friend, but Laura invited me over to her apartment to play games.  I politely canceled my plans to go see a movie and went to hang out with Laura and my Dream Weaver guy.  It was an awesome night, and a couple days later he showed up on my doorstep with a blue Gatorade and a gossip magazine. (He listened when we had a conversation the first night we hung out.)  He was a keeper.  I told him so a couple weeks later, and he told me he didn't want anything serious.  We were just going to be "friends."  Ummm no thank you!  I wasn't too happy about that, but luckily the next day he told me he made a mistake. From that day on we were a couple...awwwww. 

We're at a Dbacks game...I'm not a fan of baseball so
I must of liked him to go to a game! 
Our first New Years together.

Fast forward to summer of 2007.  We went to Alaska to visit his family.  I fell in love with Alaska and we had an amazing time!  June 14th Ian went to play golf with his dad.  His mom and I went shopping down in the canyon.  When we all got back to the house Ian asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was 11 o'clock at night, but it was still light out so it didn't feel that late.  We're walking by the train tacks and I hear a noise.  I'm convinced it's a bear and want to go back to his house.  We're walking back and Ian bends down to pick up a spike that he found on the tracks.  He hands it to me and he had painted it blue and wrote "Will you marry me?" on it.  When I looked at him he was on his knee holding the ring.  All I could do was cry, and I finally got around to saying "YES!!!"    (I get teary eyed just thinking of that moment)

One of the many beautiful stops on the way to Healy.
                    Engaged and at Savage Rock.

June 14th, 2008 was one of the happiest days of my life.  I became Mrs. Winklmann that day and promised to love Ian forever in front of our family and friends.   It was such an amazing day that went by far too fast.

First dance=Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.
December 16, 2009-Surprise you're having a baby!!  The next 9 months were a blur, filled with excitement.  I had the joy of getting bigger by the month and Ian had the joy of having a designated driver.  Lucky him. ;) Bumpy pregnancy that led to........


August 20, 2010-Max was added to our puzzle of a family.  We became the family I've always dreamt about.  I'm married to my best friend, and we have an amazing little boy that makes life complete.

First family photo.

All in all I guess our love story isn't too mushy.  We've had  bumps in our journey to where we are now, but it's all worth it in the end.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  The End.....or really To Be Continued...


  1. Anonymous4/19/2011

    Awww... I love it. I teared up too! :) Love you guys! -Kat-

  2. awh!! i love this story!! so cute.

  3. Such a sweet love story! Where in Alaska is your husband from? My husband spent 2 years serving a mission in Alaska in the Anchorage and Kenai areas. He loves it so much so we want to make a trip out there someday soon!

    1. Thanks! Ian is from Healy, it's a small town by Denali National Park. We went King Salmon fishing in Kenai, and it was so beautiful there. All of AK is beautiful!