San Diego

This weekend we took Max for his first trip to San Diego!  We had so much fun!  The drive there Max pretty much slept the entire way.  Of course he was up most that night. :)

Friday:  When we got into town we went to my cousin Cassi's place to visit with her, Pete, and Ella.  This was our first time meeting Ella, so we were so excited to see the new addition to their family!  Ella is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!  I love newborn babies!  Holding her put me right back to the moment Max was born.  Ella was wide awake looking around.  Too cute!  We had a bbq that night, and hung out with Pete's family as well.  It was a fun night!

Saturday: more like Funday!  We were busy from the moment we woke up until we went to bed!  We got up early and went to La Jolla Beach.  It was overcast, but it wasn't too cold.  Max met the ocean for the first time!  Ian put his little feet in the sand and the water (which was freezing) came to his feet and he let out a whine!  After a couple times of the water coming to his feet, he was okay with it.  It was an awesome moment to have with Max. 
    After the beach we walked around and ended up having lunch at The Cheese Shop.  Yum-O!    I ended up having a veggie sandwich with cheddar cheese.  I swear they put a whole block of cheese!  It was delicious though! 
   We went back to the hotel to drop off our leftover food, and went right back out to Balboa Park.  Balboa Park is the best place ever!  Ian had downloaded an app for his iPhone and it had mentioned this treasure hunt that you can do throughout the park.  We decided to give it a try.  We were all over the park for two hours following the clues.  So fun!!  It was almost Amazing Race like, but we weren't crazy people running around! :)
   Old Town San Diego was next on our agenda.  That was the coolest little area.  It had a western town set up, and we walked around.  Max saw horses, but was not interested at all.  By the end of our walking my feet were killing me!  I of course wore flip flops.  I ALWAYS do this.  We'll go some place where we do a lot of walking and I never have the right shoes on.  Oh well!  We got off our feet when we had dinner at Casa Guadalajara.  The BEST Mexican food I've ever had.  So so good!  When we were completely stuffed, we headed back to the hotel for the night.  Max was worn out, and slept the entire night!

Sunday: Our day started off with breakfast at the Omelette Factory.  Max had his first bites of waffle and blueberry muffin.   He couldn't get enough of the muffin!  We took Max to Mission Beach.  It was flipping windy that day though, so it wasn't too much fun.  The area was really cool though.  They had gift shops set up and a rollercoaster.  We managed to get a little shopping done. Ha!
    We hung out at the hotel for most of the afternoon, and then went to dinner with the Valenzuela Family.  We went to this pizza place.  The pizza was pretty good, and Max had a few bites of the crust.  Our boy likes bread.  We went back to Cassi's place to hang out, and had so much fun.  We laughed so much that night.  I think future trips to San Diego to see them are in our future!

Monday: Today...boo we had to leave.

Pictures from our trip:

Too Soon

This past weekend my cousin, Patrick, was taken from us much too soon.  God has a plan for us...but it's times like this where I don't understand his plan.  Patrick was too young, and had so much life left to live.  He left behind two beautiful children that will miss out on moments that they were suppose to share with their daddy.  It just doesn't seem fair....

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."


Last Day

Today is the LAST day of school!!!  Woohoo!!  I know my kiddos are ready for the summer, and I'm ready as well!!  This year went by so fast, and I can't believe these kiddos will be 4th graders next year! 



We're 4th graders!!


Lazy Day

This weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend.  Saturday we had a lazy day and stayed in our pjs for most of the day.  When we finally decided to get ready we went to Toy R Us/Babies R Us.  We bought Max a convertible carseat. It's so nice, and he's going to be so comfy now!  We also bought him a couple toys. :)  We bought him this dog, Scout, that sings and talks to him.  You can personalize it, so he says Max's name.  It's super cute, and Max gets so excited when you push any of Scout's paws.  He also crawled away with a couple Baby Einstein videos, and a basketball hoop. (His daddy was soooo excited about this.)  Granted, Max can't walk yet, but when he does the first thing he'll learn to do is dunk on his hoop. :)

I let Max feed himself. :)


Max playing with his daddy's basketball.

Max and Scout

Max was rolling a golf ball with his Daddy.

Which hand is the golf ball in?


9 Months!!!

When I was pregnant, the 9 months for the most part went by fast, but towards the end went by so s-l-o-w.  Max is 9 months today, and I have no idea where the months keep going.  AND...in 3 short months my baby will be ONE!!

We went to the doctor and I was thinking he was getting shots.  NO SHOTS!  Yay!!  Max is 21 lbs (70 percentile) and 28 3/4 in. long (70 percentile).  The doc also gave us a list of foods Max can eat now.  I've been trying to give him other foods, and he doesn't like the texture.  He gags and all that, so I don't want to make him not want to eat.  I'll just have to keep trying though.....  The doc also said not to use a sippy cup, but a regular cup.  Sigh....our little guy is growing up too fast.

9 months old


What's Yours is Mine

Max loves to play with my belongings.  I guess he figures what's mine is his. :) 

How do I look Mommy?

I think I need smaller sunglasses....

Well...these are easy to grab.

They do look cool Mommy...I know what to do with them!

Mmm..these taste good too!



My cousin, Cassi, had her first baby last night!  It's crazy to think about, because I remember when she was 7 and I was 11.  She loved the Olsen Twins, which family members love to remind her about every chance they get. :)  Her family once gave me a Babysitters Club book for Christmas, and it was a book where you could pull out the letters to read.  I had to have read that book hundreds of times.  It came with a necklace that had two pieces to it, and I gave one to her.  Then all of a sudden I was helping to plan her bachelorette party and stand in her wedding.  How the 7 year old went to being a mommy so quickly is beyond me! 

Ella Ghent Valenzuela
May 16, 2011
6 lbs 12 oz

Maybe for Ella's first birthday the Tenorio Clan can start showing her with Mary-Kate and Ashley videos. :) 
Max, Jax, and Ella.....I see trouble in their futures.  Maybe it's trouble in our futures. :)



In 10 days, (TEN!) I will be a SAHM for the summer!!!  I am so excited, and cannot wait!  I may be biased, but who wouldn't want to spend all their time with this little guy?

When Max sees us with our phones out, whether it be to record him or take his picture, he'll stop and just look at you.  I guess he's posing.  Hmm..maybe we have a model on our hands.  Last night Max was such the show off.  He has these squishy blocks that he loves to play with.   He started holding it up in the air, and then throwing (dropping) it on the floor.  Then he would put his hands in the air and cheer.  Ian and I were laughing, so he'd do it over and over again. 

He's also a little jokester at bedtime.  My plan was to keep him in bed until he fell asleep and then I'd move him to his bed.  (every time I would lay him down, he'd wake up and cry)  So there he is wide awake laying with us, and he starts babbling away.  Ian and I tried so hard not to laugh, but it was so cute! 

He has his cough back...I guess it never really goes away though.  I was reading up on his coughing on one of the parent websites I go to, and it mentioned allergies.  He has has the watery eyes, and runny nose.  He has his 9 month appointment on Friday, so we plan on bringing this up to his doc.  Poor guy has been a coughing machine with a faucet of a runny nose. 



You've been warned by the title.  This post is not for those who can't handle reading about vomit, but not just any vomit, projectile vomit.  If you like reading about vomit...well that's just grossly weird.  So let's get to the story.  This week has been blah.  Ian has been sick, I have strep (thanks to the mother who is sending her child sick to school.  She told me she sent her daughter to school with a fever.  THANK YOU!), and Max is of course sick...with a stomach bug. 

I picked up Max from daycare and the little guy napped for about 2 hours when we got home.  He doesn't nap well at daycare.  There's too much action going on and all the toys.  Who wants to sleep?  When he woke up I put him in his highchair and gave him some mum-mum crackers.  These are his fav.  I also attempted to feed him a scrambled egg.  Fail.  This boy is going to be a picky eater.   I think he's taking after his Uncle Antonio who didn't like to try new foods.  We would make trying new food like Fear Factor or bribe him with $$.  I gave Max a tiny piece of egg.  The kid threw up right after!  Blah, it went all over his highchair and him. (He was also fresh and clean from a bath)  I gave him another bath and then some pedialyte.  About 30 minutes later he threw up again! 

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll get to the point.  We ended up taking Max to the ER because he was freaking us out!  The doctor there wasn't worried, and made his projectile vomiting not sound like a big deal.  (He has never thrown up quite like this, for that long, with those colors so we freaked!)  The doc even said that they don't start worrying until they have been throwing up for 3 days...umm...3 days?!  It was 3 hours when we left for the hospital.  Aww but the trip there made me think of the last time we took that trip.  I was in labor with Max. <3 

Sorry if I grossed you out, but sometimes mommyhood has some gross moments.  :)

I Do What I Want

We had paper towels on the floor because Max has a major case of projectile vomit.  We forgot to put the paper towels on the table, and little man found them.  :)

Max fell asleep in his "sofa" and how he slept like this, I don't know!!

Quick Max Facts:
-Max can take off crawling from a sitting position.  Also after he's crawled for awhile he can go into the sitting position.  We were pretty excited about this!!
-Waving.  Every once in awhile he'll wave at you.  Today Ian was mowing the lawn and stopped to wave at Max, and Max waved back at him!  It was too cute!
-When Max pulls himself up on the couch, he'll shuffle his way to who ever is sitting on the couch.
-He has discovered our dvd collection.  Yikes! 


I See You!!


Max is a nonstop moving machine.  He is all over the place exploring everything!  It's so fun to watch him learn to do something for the first time.  I mentioned before that he's been pulling himself up.  He'll pull himself up on the couch, chair, Ian when he's laying on the floor.  Anything that is higher than Max, he'll grab with his tiny hands and up he'll go!! 

Hi Mommy!  I'm going to get you!

I just have to pull myself up....

I see you.....

Yay!  I got you!!

Max Facts:
-I need to purchase a raincoat for bath time because Max splashes like crazy!!!  I use to think it was cute, and oh so fun, but getting drenched isn't how I want to spend bath time!
-Max is trying new foods.  Just because he's trying new foods though doesn't mean he likes them!  We have a gagger on our hands.  This past week he has tried diced apples that pretty much fall apart in your mouth.  (yes I tried them)  He did his gag with disgusted shiver.  I have to get this on video, because it's hilarious!! 
-I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but Max also likes to pull people's hair.  He usually pulls mine, and let me tell you he has a grip.  This is why I pretty much wear my hair in a ponytail all the time.  He also loves to pull little kids hair.  If you crawl near him, watch out!!  We'll be seeing family in June, and all I have to say is you've been warned ladies!


My First Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I thank my Mom for being my Mom.  I never realized everything she has done and continues to do though until I became a mom.  Now Mother's Day has an entirely new meaning for me.  It makes me appreciate my Mom (and all mamas out there for all that they do) so much more. 

Last year I was pregnant with Max.  Ian had gotten me a mama to be card and we took a road trip to Coronado Island.  It was a perfect weekend.  This year was just as perfect if not more because I got to celebrate the special day with both Ian and Max.  It started off with waking up to a happy Max. (Always a good way to wake up!)  Max and I played with his toys for a good two hours before he was ready for his morning nap.  We had tons of fun and were giggling up a storm.  When he woke up from his nap him and Ian gave me a card with goodies inside, and a coupon book.   Max even wrote me his own message in the card!  He can't spell very well, but I'll work on that with him. ;)  Later during the day we went and had a late lunch at The Keg.  Awesome restaurant, and the food was delicious!!  They were also giving a $25 gift card to moms for the next visit!!  We will be going back!

It was an amazing day to spend with my two favorite boys.  <3
My happy baby :)

Card from my parents and siblings <3
From my two favorite boys <3
Max's message to me :)
The coupon book is full of great coupons that I will
definitely be putting to use!


Best Day

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

Dear Mom,
For the past 28 years, I have been blessed to call you "Mom".  You have been and are everything to me.  You were the person I cried to when I was terrified of the dogs and cats that roamed around the apartments.  You were the one who took me to Albuquerque to spend fun days filled with watching movies and going out to eat.  You were the one who taught me to drive on the back roads of Vaughn in our green car.  You were the one I called every day when I went off to college because I was homesick.  You were the one who had to deal with my "tantrums" after my eye surgery when I had to lay in that contraption and put drops in my eye every hour.  You were the one I called when I met a guy from Alaska.  You (and Dad) were the one who walked me down the aisle to marry that guy from Alaska.  You were the first person I called when I found out I was going to be a mom.  You are the first person I call when I have questions about being a mom.  You're the first person I call, because you have been the best mom I could ever ask for, and I'm lucky.  THANK YOU.

I love you!!


Feed Me

Today I was feeding Max, and I gave him the spoon to see if he could feed himself.  He did!!  It was so cute and funny.  I loaded his spoon up with food and put it in front of him, and he'd take it from me and put it directly into his waiting mouth!  Our boy is growing up! 

This is the good stuff, right??

I'm a big boy and can feed myself!!


Give Me Five

Last night Ian taught Max how to give him five.  Ian was super proud of this accomplishment.  Last night Max would give you five if you asked for it, but the real test will be today.  We'll see if Max will remember. :)